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Our production portfolio : Microbreweries - Cider Houses - Brewery technologies

Find your brewery

Our brewery optimalizer helps you to search an optimal configuration of your brewery. Choose required beer production capacity or the control system, then you get breweries according to your selection.
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Microbreweries for restaurants

Classical craft pub breweries with typical Czech design to place inside the restaurant. The proven facilities, enabling the production of the most worldwide known beer. The wort brew machine will become the centerpiece of your pub.
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The smallest breweries

The smallest simplified craft breweries in our portfolio, designed for small and medium restaurant and for homebrewers. The full functionality and lowest price are their main advantages, although their operation may be less comfortable.
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Modular microbrewery kit

Build yourself your own brewery from prefabricated modules within a few hours . The unique solution allows the gradual expansion of the brewery without a large investment, without designing, assembly team and specialized workers.
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Industrial minibreweries

Minibreweries designed especially for medium-sized volumes of industrial beer production. The functionality, production efficiency, operator safety and economy of operation all equipment are fully comparable with large breweries.
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Cider production equipment

Professional lines for production cider. Production facilities is designed as the modular kit or as industrial cider production line. Combined lines for the efficient production of both beer and cider on the same equipment.
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Malt-extract microbreweries

Microbreweries with the simplified construction which enables the production of beer from malt concentrates instead traditional raw materials. Easier and faster producing process of wort, lower price, saving energy, water and work.
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Equipment for production beverages

Production and sale of equipment for microbreweries, cider production lines, restaurants and distributors of beer. Wort brewing machines, fermentation vessels, lager tanks, serving beer tanks, cooling systems, malt crushers, bottle rinsers and fillers, CIP stations etc.
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Tip: Easy filling beer into bottles

Wide portfolio of equipment for isobaric filling beverages in bottles in protective atmosphere CO2. Simple manual filling, semi-automatic and efficient rinsers, filling machines, labeling machines and crowning machines. 
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Tip: Cleaning-sanitizing station

The cleaning-in-place unit (CIP) is necessary equipment used to perfectly clean and sanitize all the machinery and piping systems which come into contact with the beverage and its intermediates in a brewery, winery  or cider house. 
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Tip: Low losses during fermentation

Adjustable pure product drain valve VARIO-CCT is designed for fine separation yeast from beer after the fermentation. It allows to suck beer just above the current level of yeast and prevent such beer losses in the tanks.
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Tip: Compact fermentation units

Compact units for the fermentation and maturation of beer with an integrated cooler for production samples of alcoholic beverages according to yet untested recipes, or for easy enlarge of manufacturing capacity breweries.
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Candles with saturation stones

We offer special candles that are equipped with saturation stones including electronic controllers and cabinets for precise dosing of oxygen to wort and saturation of beverages with carbon dioxide directly in tanks.
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Tip: Easy filling beer into kegs

We produce small compact machines for rinsing of kegs and for isobaric filling alcoholic beverages into kegs. Wide range of machines from simple manual keg rinsers and fillers to automatic lines with high capacity.
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Tip: Beverage production tanks

We produce pressure and non-pressure vessels that are fully equipped for professional production of beer and other beverages. Beer bermentation and maturation tanks, cylidrical and conical fermenters, serving tanks etc.
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Tip: Yeast regeneration tanks

We produce an equipment for yeasts regeneration and their safety storage. Designed for easy usage in each brewery or in cider production lines. Temperature control, system for easy dosing yeasts to fermenters.
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