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Наше предложение продукции

We manufacture and supply components for breweries, manufacturing blocks for brewing, production equipment for breweries and microbreweries. The core of our production program consists of sets of Czech breweries and microbreweries BREWORX and MOBBEER.

microbreweries-breworx-classic-500I. COMPLETE MICROBREWERIES & CIDER HOUSES

I.1 Nanobreweries

I.2 Restaurant microbreweries

I.3 Industrial microbreweries

I.4 Individual solutions of breweries and microbreweries

I.6 CIDERLINE – lines for production of cider

I.7 BEERCIDERLINE – combined lines for production of beer and cider












We equip all our breweries BREWORX and MOBBEER by latest and traditional technologies for the efficient production of quality beer. The main components of breweries are our own production, special and additional equipment are mostly of Czech origin from selected and reliable subcontractors.


It is very important for us the origin of stainless steel, of which it is made, most of the main part of the brewery. We use only stainless food-steel of European origin, not inexpensive steel-guaranteed quality shopping outside the European Union.

Quality of workmanship

For all our manufactured components for Breweries (brewhouse, fermentation and ripening containers, serving tanks, CIP station, a yeast tanks …) we place great emphasis on quality workmanship. Thanks to our long experience in the supply of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, where the most stringent quality standards, we follow in the manufacture of brewing technology virtually the same procedures, to what we are used to the equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals. For example, consistently adhere to the principle of one type of material in the workshop. Purity of welds is necessary that in the same area are not processed together with the stainless steel as steel or other metals.