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Since the decision to purchase your own microbrewery till  first batch of beer will not passed more than half a year. Before that its necessary to ensure for producing your own beer several legislative steps.

What are the steps for buying brewery?

  1. You tell us your intention – just fill in a simple inquiry form
  2. We send you to fill in a detailed questionnaire, which give us necessary information important for the proper design of microbrewery
  3. We prepare for you the best offer, respecting your operating layout, space, economic and personal options
  4. We sign a contract for the manufacture and sale of the microbrewery, then you have to pay deposit 50% of the price
  5. We manufacture the microbrewery
  6. Second payment 40 % of the price from your side
  7. You prepare a place for installation a microbrewery (conections for electricity, water and drain, driveway)
  8. We deliver and install microbrewery
  9. We brew the first batch of beer together with you
  10. Last payment 10% from the price after the first brew
  11. You brew your own beer with your own microbrewery

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