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CPL-1D Course : Cider production – 1 day – theory EN

Service Code: CPL-1D

Course: Theory of cider production – 1 day (lecture series)


Cider making course for cidermakers and future operators of lines for the production of cider with many theoretical informations that are important to professional production of cider.


Language : English

Duration of the course: about 7-8 hours

Maximal number of participants: 10 persons

Dates of the course: by the agreement

Who should take this course:

  • Current and future amateur and professional producers of cider
  • Current and future cideria owners, cidermans and auxiliary workers of ciders
  • Operators of restaurants and wine bars, planning to produce their own cider
  • Amateur cider producers who want to produce quality products


Who is the lecturer :

Teaching is led by an experienced professional specialist cider and its production. The teacher is member of international committee that reviews and evaluates the cider makers and their drinks, in countries where the production of cider has a long historical tradition.


This course includes a theory of :

  1. Introduction – The history of fruit growing, producing of must and cider. Five most common methods of producing cider.
  2. Raw materials – Basic raw materials, additives and surrogates – modern fruit growing. Variants of raw materials, their storage, processing of raw materials, musts and concentrates, apples, other fruits. Resources and purchase of suitable varieties, creation of own sources of raw materials – orchards, preservatives, products variability, conservation fruits.
  3. Fermentation process – yeast, microbiology, chemistry of must fermentation, the cider making process.
  4. Production of cider – import, storage, sorting of fruit, washing of fruit, scrapping of fruit, fruit pressing, start of must fermentation . Primary treatment: clarification and conditioning of must. Secondary processing: blending, mixing of cider, racking and filtration, centrifugation, packaging, storage and distribution of cider.
  5. Serving – Cider bartenders, tapping , sensors of product organoleptics of product
  6. Sanitation – Hygiene of production equipment and the production plant, HACCP, EIA, legislation, taxation, administration, metrology, controlling
  7. Pozitioning – Marketing mix, market segmentation, pricing, mark building, corporate identity, SWOT analysis.
  8. Sale – Costs and revenues in sale of cider, financial plan, production process optimalization.
  9. Others – Tricks, special products, the most common errors in production, synergistic effect, processing of raw materials, types of technology etc.



Price of the course :

Course pack : 1500 Eur +  100 Eur (+ VAT) per each participant + other costs of trainers – transport, accommodation and meals.

This price is valid for European countries (in English language)


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