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Service Code: WEB-BP

PROMOTION OF A MICROBREWERY ON THE WEB – production of a basic internet presentation


Preparing of the basic brewery web presentationThe price includes:

  • Analysis of effective marketing benefits and attractions of a particular brewery
  • Proposal and consultation of other potential benefits that a brewery could offer
  • Proposal for a domain name, if the customer has not already purchased a domain
  • Providing of a cost-effective website hosting
  • Installing of the software for inserting and editing the website content
  • Creating of 1 to 5 e-mail addresses in the brewery domain
  • Proposal for a complete presentation in the choosed language from EN, DE, ES, PL, IT, RU.
  • Creating a website of about from 3 to 5 pages, including basic information about the microbrewery and its offer.
  • Proofreading of the texts by native speakers
  • Location of the website on the web under the selected domain
  • Work time of the webmaster, spent by implementation of the service.


In the minimum extent the web site contains the following:

  • Home page with basic information about the brewery with  subpages
  • Contact details
  • Offer of drinks and their characteristics
  • Proofreading of the texts by native speakers
  • Location of the website on the web under the selected domain
  • Work time of the webmaster  spent with the implementation of the service.


brewery-template-01The price does not include these optional items:

  • The fee for buying a domain
  • Maintenance fees for the domain to the domain administrator
  • Fees for Web hosting
  • Purchase of professional photos and pictures, if for the web other than photos and pictures made by the customer are used – it will always be discussed with the customer
  • Creating a special web applications on customer request – for example, on-line graphical application for booking tables showing the arrangement of tables in the restaurant, e-shop for the sale of bottled or keg beer, etc.
  • Other language versions of the site if the customer requests

Requested editing, graphic design, updating and adding additional sites in the future beyond the scope of this service – 150 EUR / hour (EN, RU) or 200 EUR / hour (other languages)


It is assumed:

  • The brewery operator ability to communicate in Czech, Slovak, English, Polish or Russian.
  • Providing of necessary information about the brewery for the website by the customer
  • Delivery of requested photographs by the customer (interiors, exteriors, drinks, meals, etc.).

The price of the service:

  • EN or RU version …………… from 500 to 750 EUR
  • other languages ……………… from 750 to 1000 EUR

The price depends on the complexity and extent of the web.


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