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You can build your own microbrewery by yourself as a brick kit from modules in a regular restaurant kitchen in few hours. Unique and cheap …

built restaurant microbreweries

PUB & RESTAURANT microbreweries

Classic restaurant microbreweries series BREWORX by Czech production, built-in solid objects are proven manufacturing equipment, enabling the production of almost all types of beer.

INDUSTRIAL & POWERFUL microbreweries

Microbreweries in industrial design, designed especially for medium-sized production volumes of beer. The main emphasis is placed on maximum functionality and production efficiency.

CIDER HOUSES – the cider production lines

Industrial production lines for the production of CIDER. Production facilities in the form of kits for beginners. Professional automated production lines. Combined lines cideria-brewery. …

LITE-ME : simplified malt extract microbreweries

Simplified microbreweries SC Lite series designed for the production of beer from malt extract, hops and water. Small claims to operate the cooking process, saving …

LITE-WC : simplified wort concentrate microbreweries

Simplest breweries Lite MC designed for the production of beer from wort concentrate. Minimum requirements for operation of the cooking process, saving working time, energy …

Container mobile breweries

MOBBEER : the container microbreweries

Full-fledged microbreweries MOBBEER encased in a container. The unique modular design allows for a gradual expansion of the brewery without a large investment and construction …

EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES for breweries and cider houses

Production and sale of typical and custom components for breweries, microbreweries, processing and distribution of beer. Brewhouses, fermentation tanks, cooling systems etc.

SERVICES for producers of beer and cider

We offer training and coaching services for all operators of breweries and cider houses – for beginners, for professional producers of beverages.