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Engineering and designing

Designing and engineering of breweries, supervision work, analysis of business plans for the future breweries, financial analysis, preparation of operating and construction documentation.

It is necessary prior to the implementation of each brewery and microbrewery provide several important steps in the field of design and engineering:

  • A thorough analysis of customer requirements
  • Development of technical and price bids for one or several alternative solutions
  • Entering the design work
  • Project preparation technology of the brewery
  • Development of the project of construction of the brewery
  • Production of design drawings of individual parts of the brewery
  • Elaboration of technical documentation
  • Of operational documentation

Production of the brewery, installation and other implementation phase of the contract linked to this preparatory work.

We offer all these engineering and design work, both within our supplied breweries and brewing components, as well as a separate service for other manufacturers breweries.


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