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CCTM-B1 Offer for the modular tanks CCTM in configuration B1

The CCTM modular cylindrical-conical tank consists of the basic tank (BT) and the modular tank accessories (MTA). Assembling tanks to many desired configurations is possible due to the big number of combinations of expansion accessory that is combined and mounted on the basic tank. It is thus possible to equip the modular tank optimal configuration for the desired part of the beverage production process.

Description of the modular cylindrical-conical tanks CCTM in configuration B1

B1 configuration is a simplified set of the CCTM tank that allows all phases production of beer, cider, wine, must, lemonades, including carbonated isobaric beverages.

A main part of the B1 set is a basic tank. The basic tank is a pressure vessel, made of stainless steel AISI 304 with respect to the food industry policy , with glossy inner surface (surface roughness 2B/2J – choice of the customer), with cylindrical upper part, conical lower part and domical upper bottom.

The modular cylindrical-conical tanks in this configuration are produce in these versions:

According to the maximal overpressure :

  • LP – Low pressure tank – maximal reachable overpressure 0.5 bar – usefull only for the fermenting process (beer, cider, wine) and production of low-pressure beverages (must, wine, juices)
  • HP – High pressure tank – maximal reachable overpressure 3.0 bar – usefull for fermentation, maturation, aeration/ carbonation/… , flotation, final treatment and tapping of both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages (beer, cider, sparkling wines, lemonades, …)

According to the quality and surface treatment :

  • SQ – standard quality – inner sheets of the cylindrical part SB Ra
  • HQ – high quality – inner sheets and weldings polished SJ Ra
  • TQ- top quality – inner sheets and weldings polished SJ Ra

Equipment of the tank allows you to set required overpressure in the tank using the relief valve and to read current pressure on the manometer. The fermentation process is indicated due bubbles that go throuhg water in the cap of the RV1 relief valve set.

The tank includes a fixed or rotational SB1 spray ball and all pipes and valves that are needes for easy cleaning and sanitizing of the tank, ideally with use the CIP station.

SV1 sample valve allows a sampling collection. There is possible to add to the tank also a carbonation equipment, dry hopping equipment or a flotation machine for puring of fruit must.

Differences between A1, A2, A3 and B1 configurations :

The B1 configuration is very similar A3 configuration. It also includes the RO1,DO1 arm-pipes with flap-valves for easy joining hoses and easy handling with the valves. The position of the valves is better for yeast collection from the tank too.

In contrast, the B1 set is equipped also with the LIS fill level indicator as standard accessory. This makes it possible to monitor the actual level of beverage in the tank. The fill level inficator is fully sanitizable – it is equipped with two valves for easy draining the glass pipe. It is possible also when the tank is full.

The LIS fill level indicator cannot be disconnected when the tank is full. It is possible only when the tank is empty. Similarly there is not possible to disconnect or sanitize the RO1,DO1 pipes when the tank is full.

Unfortunatelly the location of flap-valves on ends of both pipes RO1 and DO1 causes unwanted rotting yeast inside the uninsulated parts of the tank. Therefore we don´t recommend this configuration, if the tanks are placed in a room with temperature much higher than is inside the tanks. In contrast, it is a solution that is common on most fermenters from other manufacturers of fermenting tanks and therefore this configuration may satisfy a number of beverage producers.

All problematic unwanted features of the B1 configuration are easy solvable – we recommend to order (or re-build later) the modular tank in the best B2 configuration .

The tank may be reconfigured to other configuration anytime – but only when the tank is empty.

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Offer for the CCTM modular cylindrical-conical tanks in recommended configuration B1 :

other variants of CCTM tanks in the B1 configuration

Price list of CCTM components :

  • CCTM-BT : Offer for basic tanks of the CCTM system
  • CCTM-MTA : Offer for accessories and equipment CCTM

Offers for the CCTM modular tanks in all recommended configurations :

  • CCTM-A1 : Offer for the modular tanks CCTM in configuration A1
  • CCTM-A2 : Offer for the modular tanks CCTM in configuration A2
  • CCTM-A3 : Offer for the modular tanks CCTM in configuration A3
  • CCTM-B1 : Offer for the modular tanks CCTM in configuration B1
  • CCTM-B2 : Offer for the modular tanks CCTM in configuration B2

General informations about CCTM modular tank system