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Cider house block – preparation of must for the cider production

Production of must – the first phase of the cider production

Fruit crusherPress for CiderLine ProfiCider house block is a set of devices that are used to produce fruit must from fruit. Just like the beer wort, the fruit juice uses the fermentation and maturation process and it is converted into drinkable cider.

Cider housse block includes the following devices:

  • Fruit washers

    – Used for larger cider production, for fruit washing before pressing

  • Fruit crushers

    – By crushing into small pieces, the fruit is prepared for the must production

  • Fruit presses

    – By compressing the crushed fruit we acquire fruit juice for fermentation

  • Must pumps

    – Stainless steel pump is used for transportation of must into fermentation tanks

Preparing of must for cider from fruit