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Yeast propagation stations

Yeast propagation station for storage of strains of brewer’s yeast

Yeast propagation station is a facility where a pure culture of brewer´s yeast is propagated in sterile wort, usually continuously under aseptic conditions. A brewery which owns a Yeast propagation station eliminates the possibility of purchasing infection with yeast and is independent from competitors, by which it would be otherwise sourced.

Yeast propagation stationYeast propagation stations are designed to cover capacity with technically pure yeast culture for the size of the brewery from the annual capacity of about 10,000 hl to 750,000 hl. The basic materials of promotional work stations are clean laboratory yeast culture and sterile wort of matching quality (a substrate for propagation pure culture).

Yeast propagation station consists of the following :

  • Sterilizer of wort
  • Propagator
  • Pipe connection, and wort aeration pump
  • Electrics, controls and regulation
  • Supporting frame
  • CIP station

Sterilizer of wort

The pressure stainless steel vessel is equipped with insulated duplicator for heating and cooling.
For heating is necessary saturated steam (pressure 2.0 bars), to cool sterile wort is first used water from well and later glycol – 4 ° C. The container includes the necessary accessories. The tangential inlet with nozzle connected to a circulation pump what also allows to use container as a whirlpool for adjusted wort from sludge and other mechanical impurities, whose presence disrupts the process of propagation in yeast propagator.


Insulated pressure stainless steel vessel with jacketed duplicator for cooling, including accessories.


Adjusts the individual piping for filling, emptying and sanitizing individual vessels  in propagation station and fermentation tanks, the panel is equipped with UV lamp (power 10m3/h-1) for sterilizing pressured air and the last rinse water entering the system of sanitation facilities.

Pipe connection, and wort aeration pump

It is used to connect the propagator with the sterilizer and sanitation station. It is fitted with aeration candle, installed in the pipeline for discharge from the sterilizer behind the circulation pump, the nozzle of the tangential inlet for mixing the cooled sterile wort and subsequent spin of cooled wort to support sedimentation of dirt and cooling sludge.
The pipe is equipped with a circulation pump (output Q 1200 l h-1, H 20) which is designed for pumping wort between a promoter and a sterilizer for mixing wort in the sterilizer during the sterilization.

Electrics, controls and regulation

Electric switchboard connected to the control panel, on which are placed all the control, regulation and signalization components.

Automatic functions, based on the current preset parameters:

  • Heating the sterilized wort
  • Cooling the individual containers
  • Aeration of fermenting wort in the propagator
  • Sensoring liquid levels in individual containers

Support frame

Propagation station is based on stainless steel frame.

CIP station

CIP station consists of two vessels. One stainless steel insulated vessel with heating / steam exchanger or el. source / and temperature control for alkali sanitation including appropriate fittings. The second stainless steel vessel is without heating for acid sanitation including appropriate fittings. It is equipped with a stainless steel circulator pump to discharge the sanitizing solution (H 30 m, Q 1500 l h-1) to wash the heads in vessels of propagation station and fermentation tanks, stainless steel circulator pump for movable refundable sanitation (H 25m, Q 1200 l h -1), inlets for cold and hot water. Water is used for pipes flushing between steps of sanitization and disinfection, water supply pipe is connected to the UV lamp.

Basic equipment of the Yeast propagation station can be complemented by optional accessories:

Fermentation starting tank (FST)

Stainless steel pressure vessel with insulation, fitted with jacketed cooling and temperature control of fermentation process in FST including accessories.

Carlsbergs bottle

A special container for transporting clean laboratory culture, from the CB is inoculated the propagator with pure yeast culture. Volume: 15 l

Special KEG 20 l (replaces Carlsbergs bottle)

Stainless steel pressure vessel for transporting clean laboratory culture, from the vessel is inoculated the propagator with pure yeast culture. Volume: 20 l

Portable Oximeter

For the measurement of dissolved O2 in the wort used for filling propagator and fermentation starting tanks.





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