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TCS – Tank cooling system

TCS – Tank cooling system – equipment for cooling of product and media in tanks

TCS – Tank cooling system is the technical equipment for cooling of media and product in tanks during the fermenation, maturation and storage process of beer (cider, wine) production.

We offer two systems for cooling of media and products in tanks :

I. ACS – Air cooling system


The cooling system for cooling of rooms by powerful air-condition machines. All non-insulated containers are cooled to the same temperature by cold air. This cooling system is very simple, but no very efective. There is not possible to cool each tank to different temperature. Air cooling doesn´t allow to cool product (like beer, cider) during the main fermentation process because of few effective heat dissipation. This system is very suitable for cooling the room in which they are stored filled kegs and bottles before their expedition.

We recommend using air cooling only in small breweries that use cheap insulated containers for maturation and storage of finished beer. It is always necessary to use this system in combination with liquid cooling of wort and fermenting tanks.

The air cooling system consists of :

  1. Air space cooler – air condition machine for cooling room by ice air

  2. One temperature sensor and controller – only one temperature is in all room

  3. Cooled box – insulated room or box for covering of cooled tanks


II. LCS – Liquid cooling system

icwt-3d-001cooling-system-280x143Cabinet tank temperature control system

The cooling system for very effective cooling of beer production tanks (and also wort) by water or glycol. Temperature in each vessel is measured, cooled and regulated individually using the sensors, regulated valves and digital controllers or central computer. There is possible to have different temperature in each vessel.

Only one liquid cooler and coolant tank is available for cooling both tanks and wort.

The liquid cooling system consists of :

  1. Liquid coolerSLC Split liquid cooler or CLC Compact liquid cooler

  2. ICWT – Ice cooling water tank – insulated vessel with heat exchanger and pumps (not use with compact liquid coolers)

  3. TCMCS – Tank cooling measure and control system – controllers on each tank or one common control cabinet, temperature sensors, regulation valves

  4. Pipes and wires – distribution of the cooling liquid, electric power and control wires