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BFM-30 Manual bottle filler 30 to 60 bottles per hour

BFM-30 Manual bottle filler 30 to 60 bottles per hour

Fill beer to glass bottles with the simple bottle filler

bfm-30-bottle-filler-01Simple filler consists of one or several devices for filling glass bottles at 2 liters per minute.

After a worker unpacks empty bottles from the packaging, puts the bottle on filling tap, starts filling procedure and then takes full bottles closed with lids and stores them in selling boxes. All the bottles are washed and sanitized before filling.

All parts and fasteners are made from chrome-plated brass and stainless steel. This will increase resistance of the system’s wear and ensure maximum operating reliability (while ensuring regular cleaning procedures).

Operation procedure of the BFM-30 systems differs from a conventional beer tap as beer is dispensed in CO2 environment and CO2 supply to the bottle is needed. However, it just requires a 5-minute training for operators to understand the filling procedure. With practice it becomes only better and filling rate considerably increases. The normal filling rate is 45 seconds for 1.5 ltr bottle. No need to buy spare parts. A one-time expenditure for the purchase of the equipment is returned quickly and soon turns into profit.

 Benefits of bottling with BFM-30

  • Negligible waste beer – BFM-30 uses a unique system that allows the user to determine the amount of foam. Therefore, the user can reduce the waste up to 2-0%, while 98-100% of the product runs from each keg.
  • High speed performance – 2 liters per 60 seconds -BFM-30 manual system uses the same principle beer bottling as large factories around the world – the method of back pressure. This method ensures that the bottles are filled in the same manner that provides automatic filling machines only – no foam and speed two liters per sixty seconds.
  • Many types of bottles – BFM-30 gives the user the ability to use a wide variety of sizes and shapes of bottles. This device meets the individual needs of each company.
  • Space saving – BFM-30 is a compact system that is easy to install on any horizontal surface (table or bar in the brewery) – the  needed space is only 350×350 mm, it adapts to every environment.
  • Easy operation – BFM-30 requires only a 15-minute training for each employee. The system works like a conventional beer tap, so you can easily use every right.


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