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Equipment for filling beer into small 5-L party-kegs

Small barrel filled with beer is a beautiful souvenir from a visit to a small brewery. Many guests of the restaurant also welcome the opportunity to take some beer home, enjoy it  in the home comfort and draft beer directly from a small barrel.

Manual filling beer into small 5-liter kegs





The small 5-liter keg of beer is a favorite souvenir of visitors a small brewery. Customers are happy when you can buy beer in a nice keg and take it home. Keg with beer can also be a nice gift for friends of your visitors.


We offer a filling adapter for 5l kegs and we can also provide production barrels printed for a specific microbrewery.


Drums can perform repeatedly. The operator microbrewery should always tell new owner keg that only he is responsible for previous cleaning and sanitizing the keg, if the customer want refill it. Beer tapped into an improperly cleaned barrel will not taste good and can become dangerous consumer health .


  • K5F-01 Manual filling adapter for five-liters kegs

    Price: 89 €

    A manual filling adapter - gives you the possibility of selling kegs with your own beer to customers. The small five-liter keg of beer can be a nice souvenir for visitors or customers of your brewery. Buying beer in a

K5F-02 : Manual filling station small 5-liter kegs


Stainless steel manual filler for 5 L Party KEGs.

The filling device for beer filling into party kegs allows its capacity of 60 liters / hour to fill 12 party kegs per hour. That is, within 5 minutes,   first the keg is pressurized with CO2 gas and then
subsequently filled with beer. The beer is filled into a pressurized keg without undesirable foaming of beer. Another important aspect of this filling method is the preservation of a certain amount of
CO2 above the beer, which significantly extends the shelf life of beer.















Other equipment for keg rinsing, sanitizing and filling :







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