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Pressure reducing valves

Reducing valves for gas CO2, N2, Biogon

Reducing valvePushing gas bottlesReducing valve is a component of set for dosing gases CO2 (carbon dioxide) and N2 (nitrogen), which are used in a brewery as pushing gases for pushing beer from containers.

We don´t supply the most important part of the set, pressure bottles with pushing gas CO2, and N2, .The customer provides themself by a local supplier of industrial gases, who also carries the further fulfillment of these bottles. Bottles with N2 can advantageously be replaced by own nitrogen generator.

CO2 or Nare used in the brewery either alone or preferably mixed in a specified ratio between, they form an ideal gas for pushing beer called Biogon.

Optionaly we supply pressure regulators for breweries for all 4 types of pushing gases:

  • Oxygene
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Nitrogen
  • Biogon










We offer these reducing valves :



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