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Brewhouse BREWORX MODULO Classic PMC

The brewhouse Breworx Modulo Classic PMC is a basic component of the modular microbrewery kit Breworx Modulo Classic which ensures the producton of beer by the traditional way from malt, hops, water and brewer’s yeast.

Brewhouse BREWORX MODULO Classic PMC (variants 250 / 500 / 1000 liters)

Semiprofessionally equipped brewhouse, allowing manually or semi-automatically control the manufacturing process of wort using infusion or decoction method.

brewhouse-breworx-modulo-250pmc-006-300x300brewhouse-breworx-modulo-500pmc-med-002-400x322 brewhouse-breworx-modulo-1000pmc-002-500x443


Type BREWORX MODULO Classic 250 PMC consists of two isolated vessels :

  • Mash-Wort kettle with direct electrical heating / with function “whilpooling”
  • Lauter tun

Types BREWORX MODULO Classic 500 and 1000 PMC consist of three isolated vessel :

  • Mash-Wort kettle with direct electrical heating
  • Lauter tun with rake agitator – gravity and forced lautering by a pump
  • Whirlpool tub (the vessel is integrated into the brewhouse under the lauter tun)

A plate exchanger for 1-st level of cooling is inccluded in the set. 2-nd level of cooling is ensured by wort cooling unit Modulo WCU or WCU-HWT).

Optionaly we offer the brewhouse without the plate exchanger or with the plate exchanger for 1-st and 2-nd level of cooling or with the shared plate exchanger for both levels of cooling of the wort.

Description of the control of the brewing process without using a controller (250 PMC) :

Brewer selects the required temperature on the digital display, which is sensed by a temperature probe placed in the mash tub. After reaching the target temperature, the heater shuts down, after cooling down the temperature by two degrees, the heater switches back on. To increase the temperature the brewer must again select the desired temperature. The brewer monitors the time of the brewing process and time periods himself. The controlling and temperature sensing, heating controls, pumps and mixers with frequency inverters and lighting are on the front panel of the control electric panel, which is a part of the brewhouse.

Description of the controlof the brewing process with using a controller (500 PMC, 1000 PMC, for an additional fee also 250 PMC) :

Brewer selects one of the 5-programmed brewing procedures and starts the selected program on the touch panel LCD. Graphic guide leads the brewer through the brewing process step by step, displays the desired settings of pipeline paths (brewer then manually sets the path using valves). The program automatically performs and monitors the programmed heating cycles, speed of agitators and pumps, informs the brewer about the time remaining to the end of each step. Brewer can stop the program during the brewing process, edit variables, and select manual or automatic stepping. The controller contains a recording of the function of the current brewing process at a SD card and exports the record of the brewing cycle to a desktop or laptop (automatic record keeping of individual batches).

Optional special version of the brewhouse and controller allows an automatic control of valves and dampers and an automatic operation of the brewhouse.

Brewhouse BREWORX MODULO Classic PMC as part of the modular kit MODULO
A connection of the brewhouse BREWORX MODULO Classic DMC to other components of microbrewery MODULO is the same like brewhouse PMC. By default, the fermentation block of the microbrewery Modulo is connected to the brewhouse using special hoses, the hoses may optionally be replaced by a fixed pipe connection.

Scheme of microbrewery Breworx Modulo Classic PMC-DMC - basic assembly

Brewhouses Breworx Modulo Classic PMC – technical parameters and pricelist :

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