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Fermentation & Maturation units MODULO : low-pressure

Pricelist and technical specifications of low-pressure fermentation & maturation units MODULO FUIC / FUEC:

Fermentation tanks Breworx Modulo Breworx Modulo

Fermentation & Maturation units low-pressure BREWORX MODULO FUIC/FUEC NxCCT-LP – 1.5 bar

– CCT are produced as low-pressure vessels designed both for the main fermentation of the wort, and also for the subsequent maturation of beer under pressure to 1.5 bar. In these CCT is possible to switch from the primary fermentation to maturation of beer in the same container. But it is always better beer dragged into another tank cleaned and to better separate the beer from the settled yeast. In this embodiment, internal welds are ground to the roughness of Ra 0.8, which significantly improves the slip deposited yeast into a receiving tank cone. This design allows hand-filling beer in kegs and bottles. Overpressure of 1.5 bar is not sufficient for quick machinery beer bottling.

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valid on February 24, 2018, 10:05 am – validity of the offer is 30 days

(All prices are in EUR without VAT)

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