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Fermentation & Maturation units MODULO : non-pressure

Pricelist and technical specifications of non-pressure fermentation & maturation units MODULO FUIC / FUEC:

Fermentation tanks Breworx Modulo

Fermentation units non-pressure BREWORX MODULO FUIC/FUEC NxCCT-NP – 0 bar

– CCT are produced as non-pressure vessels, designed exclusively for the main fermentation of the wort at pressure 0 bar. It is not possible to use these tanks for beer maturation, which must be carried out under mild pressure. In this embodiment, the cylindrical-conical tanks are not internal welds grinded as it does not allow for extraction of yeast cone without a drop of beer in different ripening tank. Therefore, the fermentation tanks are dimensioned to sufficient temperature for the main fermentation, but not for the maturation of beer.

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valid on November 22, 2017, 11:40 pm – validity of the offer is 30 days

(All prices are in EUR without VAT)

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