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Our production portfolio : Microbreweries - Cider Houses - Brewery technologies

Find your brewery

Our brewery optimalizer helps you to search an optimal configuration of your brewery. Choose required beer production capacity or control system then you get breweries satisfying your requirements.

Pub & restaurant minibreweries

Classical pub breweries with typical Czech brewhouse inside the restaurant. They are proven production facilities, enabling the production of the most worldwide known beer. They will become the centerpiece of your restaurant.

Smallest nanobreweries

The smallest simplified breweries in our portfolio, designed for small and medium restaurant and for homebrewers. The full functionality and lowest price are their main advantages, although their operation is less comfortable.

Modular microbrewery kit

Build yourself your own microbrewery from prefabricated modules within a few hours in a normal restaurant kitchen. The unique and inexpensive solution allows the gradual expansion of the brewery without a large investment, without designing, assembly team and workers.

Industrial minibreweries

Microbreweries designed especially for medium-sized volumes of beer production. The functionality, production efficiency, operator safety and economy of operation are comparable with large breweries.

Cider production equipment

Professional line for production of cider. Production facilities is designed as the modular kit for beginners or as industrial cider production line. Combined lines ciderhouse-microbrewery for the efficient production of beer and cider.

Malt extract microbreweries

Microbreweries with the simplified brewhouse which enables the production of beer from malt concentrates instead traditional raw materials. Easier and faster producing process of wort, lower price, saving energy, water and work.

Equipment for breweries & ciderias

Production and sale of equipment for microbreweries, cider houses, restaurants and distributors of beer. Brewhouses, fermentation vessels, lager tanks, bright beer tanks, cooling systems, malt mills, keg washers and fillers, CIP stations etc.

Tip: Wide range of bottle fillers

We offer a wide selection of equipment for isobaric filling beverages in bottles in protective atmosphere CO2. Simple manual filling, semi-automatic and efficient rinsers, filling machines, labeling machines and crowning machines for small and medium producers.

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Tip: Cleaning-sanitizing station

The cleaning-in-place unit (CIP) is necessary equipment used to perfectly clean and sanitize all the machinery and piping systems which come into contact with the beverage and its intermediates in a brewery, winery  or cider house. We produce mobile and static CIP stations.

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Tip: Low losses during fermentation

Adjustable fitting VARIO-CCT is designed for fine separation from yeast product – beer, cider, wine. Using the adjustable tube allows precisely adjust the height of the intake of the product above the current level of yeast and prevent such losses in the tanks.

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Tip: Compact fermentation units

Compact fermenting and maturing units with integrated cooling for sample production of new types of alcoholic beverages by as yet untested recipes, or for quick and easy expansion of manufacturing capacity breweries, wineries and cider lines.

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Carbonation-oxygenation stones

We offer equipment of carbonation-oxygenation stones and candles including electronic controllers and cabinets for precise dosing of carbondioxide and oxide to beer wort and finalized beverages directly in tanks or inside pipes.

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Tip: Keg filling-washing machines

We produce very compact machines for rinsing of kegs and filling carbonated beverages into kegs. Wide range of machines from simple manual keg washers-fillers to powerful automatic lines with capacity up to 120 kegs/hr.

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Tip: Beverage production tanks

We produce pressure and non-pressure vessels that are fully equipped for professional production of beer, wine, cider, lemonade, carbonated mineral water. Fermentation-maturation tanks, cylidrical and conical tanks, serving tanks

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Tip: Yeast regeneration tanks

We produce an equipment for yeast regeneration and its safety storage. Designed for usage in each brewery, winery or cider house. Special containers with temperature control, which are equipped for dosing yeast to fementers.

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Our services for producers of beer and cider

Help with starting a brewery

We offer assistance services for starting and also already operating microbreweries. All services are provided by Czech qualified brewer.

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Supervision for installation

Assembling of the breweries at the customer by foreign workers under the supervision of our chief executive work manager – a convenient solution for remote orders.
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Upgrade of brewhouses

Upgrade of the brewhouses which are designed only for an infusion method of wort production. We expand the possibilities for both infusion and decoction method of brewing.
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Supply of raw materials

We provide regular supply of raw materials for the production Czech and foreign types of beer for brewery operators around the world – malt, hops, brewer’s yeast and concentrates.
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Production and assembling

Production of typical and custom breweries, assembling and installation of breweries anywhere in the world. Czech production, European quality, guaranteed properties of materials, long warranties.
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Reconstructions and renovations

Reconstructions of historic breweries, renovations of older brewing technologies, modernization of brewery equipment. We honor the tradition, but achieve efficient production of beer.
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Engineering and designing

Designing and engineering of breweries, supervision work, analysis of business plans for the future breweries, financial analysis, preparation of operating and construction documentation.
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Brewmasters coaching

Teaching of brewing skills. Mentoring and coaching of brewers and service when starting new breweries. Renting of Czech brewers for foreign breweries.

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Brew news

Modular universal CCTM fermenters : Five tanks in one

Are you not sure which fermenters will you need in your brewery ? Purchase our modular cylindrical-conical tanks and assembly them how you need. You can to change their configuration anytime.
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Expand or build easy yourself your brewery or cider house

Do you need to increase a production capacity of your brewery or cider house ? We offer pre-configured full sets that include all what you need to build fully-equipped fermentation-maturation block.
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Hops in a leading role – the Hop Gun for dry hopping of beer

We have enriched our product range of devices Hop Gun for dry hopping beer. Use the beer production process, which is typical for small breweries in the UK, US and Scandinavia.
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Production of pressure vessels with international certificates

We manufacture pressure vessels for breweries and cider houses in accordance with international guidelines and standards and with certificates PED 97/23 / EC, ASME, GUM or GOST-R.
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Ten our good Czech solutions for small breweries

Do you operate your own microbrewery? Do not be afraid of innovation! We introduce our ten good Czech solutions that can bring benefits and new opportunities for your brewery.
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Beware of imposter brewer Daniel Jeremias

We strongly warn against commercial cooperation with the Czech brewer Daniel Jeremias! He stoles money of his partners and customers. We will be happy when you can help us to find him.
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Why can be Czech beer be produced only in original Czech breweries?

Czech beer is world renowned brand. Why is it so unique, and why is it not produced elsewhere? Answer:Czech raw materials, specific manufacturing process and original technology of Czech breweries.
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How to be prepared for the operation of the microbrewery

Since the decision to purchase your own microbrewery till  first batch of beer will not passed more than half a year. Before that its necessary to ensure for producing your own beer several legislative steps.
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We will teach you how to brew a beer

Do you worry that you can not handle brew high-quality beer? Do not worry! Our qualified brewmaster will teach you. By starting our microbreweries you can use our training services for brewing.

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Why become a brewery owner

How is it possible that some restaurants and accommodation facilities permanently inflate its capacity every weekend and have a dining areas and tables outside the restaurant full of guests? They are different!
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12 steps to a prosperous brewery

How to arrange for you to have a profitable brewery? Make it the way they do other successful operators breweries. Just follow these 12 principles: Quality brewery, good water, enthusiastic brewer, good restaurant, good staff …
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Suggested chemical composition of the water for brewing

Not every water classified as drinking is suitable for the brewing of every type of beer. Various kinds of beer require different chemical composition of water. Which water is suitable for your beer?
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