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Oxygenation-carbonation equipment for production of beer, cider, wine

Wine, cider or beer oxygenation improves a quality of fermentation.


What is Micro-Macro Oxygenation ?

Oxygenation-carbonation-jet-tank-adapter-500x500MACRO-OXYGENATION – during the beginning of the fermentation: Stengthens the yeast cells and their re-gernationed cells. Every brewer, cidermaker or winemaker fears a stuck fermentation due to weakening of the yeast cells. Macro-ox at this stage contributes to the development of strong yeast cells that can carry the fermentation well to a complete ending. Helps to stabilize the color of red wine and taste of beer.

MICRO-OXYGENATION – after the fermentation: Improves wine aroma and flavor assimilating aging in a barrel, with more control over the Oxygen amounts. The oxygen binds the Tanins
(Phenols) stabilizing the color of the wine and giving it a fuller flavor and mouth-feel.
Wine Oxygenation can improves beer quality.

MACRO- OXYGENATION – during the beginning of the fermentation beer, cider or wine: Has the same beneficial effect on the yeast as in wine .

JET-OXYGENATION (CLIQUAGE) – A jet (spurt) of Oxygen into the tank at the beginning of the fermentation for similar effect as the Maco-Ox. Quantity controlled manualy by operator.

How it works ? Why to use the oxygenation process in the brewery / cideria ?

Macro- Oxygenation – during the beginning of the fermentation: Has the same beneficial effect on the yeast as in wine.

Macro- Oxygenation is done only in the beginning of the fermentation to strengthen the yeast when the start to multiply. Yeast consume oxygen and sugar as nourishment, and produce alcohol and heat. As long as there is oxygen in the tank – they will multiply aerobically and regenerate larger and stronger cells which can bring the fermentation to a better finish. The risk of the yeast cells getting tired and not finishing the fermentation complete is drastically reduced.

Yeast that do not get extra dosage of oxygen, very soon consume all the oxygen in the tank, and begin to multiply un-aerobically. The regenerated cells are smaller and weaker. At the same time they start producing alcohol which is a poison to them, so the regeneration is slower and weaker in the presence of alcohol without added oxygen.

The amounts of oxygen are up to the brewer himself to decide according to his experience, brew-batch size, type of beer and yeast he is using.


What do you need for use the beverage oxygenation process ?



Oxygenation set I :



Oxygenation-carbonation-controller-500x500Oxygenation set II :


Oxygenation set III: Aeration candle – direct oxygenation to the wort pipe :

carbonization-stone-02Aeration, oxygenation and carbonation stones are using to :

  • oxygenation of wort during transporting beer from the brewhouse to the fermentation tank after whirlpooling wort
  • saturation of drinks by O2, CO2 or air in the tanks or pipe routes.



Carbonation of finalized beverages in tanks

A carbonated drink is a drink that bubbles and fizzes with carbon dioxide gas. The process by which the gas dissolves in the drink is known as carbonation. This process can occur naturally, such as in naturally carbonated mineral water that absorbs carbon dioxide from the ground, or by man-made processes, as is the case in most soft drinks and soda waters. This involves pumping carbon dioxide into the drink at high pressure, then sealing the container. Since the solubility of carbon dioxide is less at lower pressure, the dissolved gas escapes as bubbles when the container is opened and the pressure is relieved.

The carbonation process is provided using the carbonation stone – a special jet inside the tank with porous difuser (made of sintered stainless steel AISI 304 or ceramic stone).

We recommend our carbonation stones for the carbonation of beverages in tanks :



We offer these oxygenation and carbonation equipment :

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