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The Czech Mini Breweries is a trade mark of the company Czech brewery system s.r.o. This company is a Czech manufacturer of breweries and industrial lines for production of beer, wine and other carbonated beverages. We produce all beverage production equipment based on a traditional and modern Czech conception. Main mission of the company is to spread the reputation of high quality Czech beer, Czech breweries and other traditional beverage production lines all over the world. Our design and production team offers construction and modernization of breweries and microbreweries. We also produce special stainless steel vessels (pressure tanks, jacketed refrigerated containers, vessels with agitators, containers for yeast growing, etc.) We offer also design works for projects of new breweries or rebuilding current breweries and production lines for beer or cider, brewmaster services and consultation for producers of beer, wine and beverage cider. The breweries and brewing equipment manufactured by Czech brewery system are installed in Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Great Britain, Finland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Rossia and in many other countries on the world.

the Czech Brewery System

Our Team

Meet our team, which is responsible for the products offered, their development, quality and business activities of our company.

Aleš Jakimov
Aleš Jakimov
CEO & owner, product manager
Ales is the company owner and CEO. He has built our company and he has been leading it from the beginning to today. His work is the development of new products, marketing, employee training, company image building and ensuring high quality of all products and services. Alex is also a product manager and a web designer of this web. You can speak with him about general, sale and technical questions in English, Russian, Czech, Polish or write with him in any language.
Lucie Kvasničková
Lucie Kvasničková
Junior sales manager
Lucy is our junior sales manager. She knows all about our products and can prepare a good offer for all customers according their individual requirements. Call her if you need to ask us for any parameters of our products or you need to prepare a new offer for beer or cider production systems. She will discuss with you all what is necessary to purchase only quality equipment from us. She speaks English, Russian, Czech, Slovak

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