BREWMASTER breweries

Simple brewery system – fully equipped small and mediu-size breweries for home and restaurants use with production capacities from 10 liters to 1000 liters od beer per day.

MODULO breweries

Modular brewery system - sets of the beer production equipment that can be simply assembled and expanded only by customer without our technician specialists.

LITE-ECO breweries

Production lines with a simplified brewing equipment for production of beer only from malt concentrates. Compact wort brew machine allows quick assembly and simple start-up.

CLASSIC-ECO breweries

Small and medium craft breweries that are equipped for production of beer from classic ingrediences. Compact wort brew machine allows quick assembly and simple start-up.

LITE-ME breweries

Craft breweries that are equipped with simplified wort brew machine. Production of beer only from malt concentrates, not from malt. Luxury design is intended for restaurant interiors.

CLASSIC breweries

Small breweries with traditional historical design of the brewhouse and modern professional equipment to production all known types of beer. Intended for restaurant interiors.

COMPACT breweries

Medium-size industrial breweries with purposeful design of practical brewhouse for production of all known kinds beer. All equipment is designed to be efficiency and performance during the beer production.

OPPIDUM breweries

Powerful industrial breweries for large volumes of beer production, with the brew machine that consists of six multi-functional tanks, which allows up to six batches of wort per day to be produced.

Malt grains squeezing machines

Machines intended for fine squeezing of malt grains without damaging the outer parts of grain - this is important for reaching of high quality wort.

Scales for raw material

Scales for raw materials - weighting of malt, hops, malt concentrates, brewer´s yeast ...

Malt hoppers

Hoppers for temporary holding of malt grains before their dosing into the malt squeezing machine.

Silos for storage malt

Silos for long-time storage malt near a brewery with the malt transport system into the brewery.

Screw conveyors

Equipment for transport of malt grains into the mill and transport of squeezed malt into the brewhouse. It is also use for transport of used malt mash to waste vessel.

Brewhouse wort machines

Main brewery machines - their function is the production of wort from malt, hops, water. Malt is extracted and boiled into hot water, then is filtered and boiled with hops.

Wort cooling & wort aeration

Equipment for the cooling and aeration of wort after wort brewing process before start the beer fermentation. Compact wort coolers and aerators, plate heat exchangers.

Heating of wort and water

Equipment to heating wort and drinking water before and during the wort brew process. Hot steam generators, electric and gas heating systems.

Water system

Water system includes the water treatment equipment, hot water tank, cold water tank, cooling and heating equipment, pumps and the pipe routes.

Tanks to primary fermentation

Non-pressure vessels for the primary beer fermentation process (main beer fermenting) . Open fermentation vats, cylindrical fermentation tanks, conical fermentors.

Tanks to secondary fermenation

Pressure vessels for the secondary beer fermentation process (beer maturation, carbonization) . Cylindric-conical fermentation tanks, cylindric fermentors, special fermentation vessels.

Complete beer fermentation systems

Fully equipped sets of devices for the beer fermentation and maturation in the same tanks. The sets include cylindrical or conical fermentors and equipment for controlled cooling of the tanks.

Yeast storage & regeneration

Special vessels to storage, revitalization, collectioning and dosing of the brewer´s yeast. Yeast storage and regeneration tanks, yeast propagation stations.

Tanks to final beer conditioning

Pressure tanks designed to final conditioning of beer like carbonization, extraction of hops into beer, filtration or pasteurization of beer. Bright beer tanks.

Hops extractors

Equipment for extraction aromatic active substances from hops into cold beer (dry hopping) – an infusion of hops to cold beer after finalizing the beer fermentation process.

Beer carbonization equipment

Equipment to carbonization of beer inside the pressure beer conditioning tanks. Carbonization of beer in the pipes under pressure.

Filtration of beer

Equipment to beer filtration – plate filters, kieselguhr filters, beer microfiltration. The beer filtration is a mechanical removing yeast from beer to reach a long-time beverage stabilitation.

Pasteurization of beer

Equipment to beer pasteurisation. Cabinet, bath and flow-through pasteurizers. The beer pasteurization is a thermal beverage conditioning to reach a long-time beer stabilitation.

Equipment to filling beer into kegs

Equipment to rinsing of stainless steel kegs, sanitizing of kegs, isobaric filling of beer into stainless steel kegs. Manual and automatic machines for the kegs filling.

Equipment to filling beer into petainers

Equipment to filling of beer into plastic kegs - petainers. Manual and automatic equipment and machines for the filling beer into petainers.

Equipment to filling beer into cans

Equipment to filling of beer into aluminium cans and closing of the cans.

Equipment to filling beer into glass bottles

Equipment to rinsing of glass bottles, isobaric filling of beer into glass bottles, machines to closing and labelling of bottles.

Equipment to filing beer into PET bottles

Equipment to filling of beer into plastic bottles - PET. Manual and automatic equipment and machines for the filling beer into PETs.

Cooling equipment

The cooling system includes all equipment needed to cooling wort, fermentors, water, beer, beer tank. Cooling units, glycol tanks, heat exchangers, cooling control systems.

Measure & Control systems

Equipment to measure temperatures, programming and control all devices to production of wort and beer, fermentation control systems etc.

Cleaning & sanitizing equipment

Equipment to cleaning, sanitizing, sterilization of all beer production devices like brewhouse, fermentors, pipes, beer storage tanks.

Dispensing beer into glasses

Tanks to storage beer in pubs and restaurants, rquipment to dispensing beer into glasses, cooling and transport beer before serving.

Compressed air production

Equipment to cleaning, drying and preparation of sterile compressed air to control of pneumatic valves and aeration of wort.

Compressed nitrogen production

Equipment to cleaning, drying, compressing and distribution of sterile compressed nitrogen to pushing beer out from the beer tanks and fermentors.

Carbon dioxide equipment

Equipment to dosing, reduction, distribution and use of carbon dioxide in breweries. Carbonization of beer, pushing beer from the tanks etc.


Equipment to pumping of wort, malt mash, beer, water, sanitizing solutions, waste water, coolant in cooling systems in breweries.

Pipe fittings & tank armatures

Pipe fittings, connection elements, regulation mechanics, manholes and special armatures for tanks, hoses, pipes, cables, frames and other connection material.

Equipment & accessories for tanks

Optional fittings, armatures, accessories and special equipment for beer production tanks.
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