12 steps to a prosperous brewery

How to arrange for you to have a profitable brewery? Make it the way they do other successful operators breweries. Just follow these 12 principles: Quality brewery, good water, enthusiastic brewer, good restaurant, good staff …

How to arrange to have a prosperous microbrewery? The best way is to learn from successful brewers. Make it as other successful brewery operators. Just follow the 12 steps bellow.

1. High quality brewery

Get a quality microbrewery – with cheap brewing machine, made by some amateur from the neighborhood, its impossible to brew good beer. High-quality technology and expensive materials can not cheat – beer is very reactive chemical compound and if it comes into contact with cheap metal, or dirt, or if it is not in one place or time point accurately observed the prescribed temperature and time course, beer is noticeably spoils. Generally, the production of beer applies: “With cheap technology, is always uncertain the final product.”

2. Good water

Make detailed chemical analysis of water before buying the brewery – inadequate water composition can be effectively adjusted by special filters and additives. If you do not ensure a good water (recommended composition of water can be found in this article), you will newere brew good beer.

3. Profesional brewmaster

Whether you will brew the beer by yourself or you will hire a brewmaster, it is always necessary to have enthusiasm, constant education in the field and completely honest approach to brewing. Dishonesty and lax approach to brewing beer, can bring to ruin the entire project.

4. Nice restaurant with good service

Number of customers will grow and they will return only if they will be generally satisfied with the level of restaurant, service, clean interior, quality of drinks and food. Poor unkempt pub can not save any brewery. Of course there should be plenty of seating inside and in the garden, children’s play area, stands for bicycles and parking area.

5. Choose a good place for a restaurant

Even the best restaurants, with a brewery, in the wrong place, will always have a problem with attendance. The ideal place for a restaurant with brewery is in the historic center of the city, or in the country with a view of nature, but also a tourist spot or on a busy pedestrian or bicycle paths. If your restaurant have a good location, take care to become such a good place additionally – distribute information signs to the nearest cycle path or the tourist trail near the brewery, ask to add your brewery to the list of microbreweries in your country, register your business in the village information materials, tourist maps etc. … simply ensure good marketing.

6. Take care carefully of hygiene

Thorough observance of hygiene in all stages of the beer production, regular and honest washing of tanks and pipes, clean glasses is the customer. If any of these fail to comply in 100%, customers will buy your beer only once. As well as ensuring hygiene in your restaurant, check honest approach the cleanliness with all of your sellers.

7. Follow the correct temperatures

Each stage of beer production has prescribed temperature curves that need to be strictly adhered to. Also, storage and transportation of beer must be in the prescribed temperatures with minimal deviation. Particular attention to the temperatures its necessary during the transport and storage KEGs of beer destined for external pubs and restaurants – spoiled beer imported from your brewery, will make bad name, even if it taped not in your restaurant.

8. Active marketing

Think of advertising in all forms: signs, guidance arrows, billboards, articles in local newspapers, restaurant websites, radio and television coverage, one-time or recurring traditional customer events, tastings of new products, gift packaging of drinks, souvenirs, tablecloths, umbrellas, coasters, glasses, bottles, kegs – everywhere must be at least your logo, preferably both text and image information to promote your restaurant and brewery.

9. Educate your customers

Explain to customers why your beer is better than others. Why it is exactly like this. Use coasters, menus, websites, leaflets and articles in the media so that your customers can get familiar with your manufacturing process. Explain to them the difference between your live, slightly turbid yeast beer and clear, but the dead pasteurized beer in nearby restaurants. Tell them of what county you are buying hops, malt and why is this the best. Customer who feels like a connoisseur, is a good customer. He knows what he drinks, why he drinks it, he likes his teacher and boasts the knowledge to future customers.

10. Be generous to your customers

Give your customers a tip, appreciate your loyal customers with a small discount for beer, give childrens coming with their parents always a small gift, mark visibly chairs and glasses for loyal customers, allow customers to compete: start league of loyal customers with photographs and cumulative performance on the board of honor, declare a team event. And if you want more competition, put the beer taping valves at the table and let customers tap beer by themself – number of consumed beers show on visible “scoreboard”. Invite once in day present guests for an unexpected tour of the brewery. Your guests will love you … and enthusiasm infection will grow.

11. Ensure a feedback

Selected loyal customers would help you to pay attention to bad batch of beer when you reward them for it. Make a deal with 5 loyal customers to inform you about bad beer taste. Sometimes even the best brewmaster can have a bad day and make bad beer, either because of the quality of raw materials or some mistake in the production process. Poorly brewed beer is OK but bad beer sold to customers can be KO for the brewery for a long time. Do not let the bad beer was tapped to customers throughout the day. Ensure a feedback and if loyal customers finds bad beer immediately stop the sale of a bad batch. Consequently, try in cooperation with the brewmaster detect the mistake from the production records and learn from it for the future. Sometimes faulting brewmaster is a good brewmaster. That one who repeat the same mistake many times is a bad brewer.

12. Look for more sales opportunities

Find more places for selling your beverages ​​outside your restaurant. Offer your beer in kegs those businesses in the area that have a good reputation and trusted manager. Eligible customers are restaurants in the close villages, ski resorts (ensure sales after the summer season), hotels and guest houses. Avoid sale to small buffets and generally all the places what are not able of storing beer kegs at low temperature, there is an expectation that they will not regularly clean the beer pipes and ensure the sale of your beer in a period during which beer guarantees its properties unchanged. Do not supply your selers with more beer than they can sold under normal conditions.


… and finally do not forget on economic indicators

Finally, it should be noted that profitability of brewery would not be guaranteed, failing owner to sell sufficient quantities of beer. This is not only due the number of guests, but also due the production capacity of the brewery and last but not least, the brewmaster. Therefore it is very important to correctly estimate the initial and expected capacity of the brewery and accordingly get the brewery optimal parameters.

In this case, will well help you our calculator of microbreweries. Calculate your own brewery now …


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