Malt mills - malt squeezing machines

Machines for fine squeezing of malt grains without damaging the outer parts of the grains before start of the wort brewing process in the brewhouse.

Weighing scales for bulk materials

Scales for accurate weighing of raw materials (malt, malt concentrates, yeast, hops), output products (waste malt and hop grains), sanitation agents, etc

Malt hoppers

Hoppers for sprinkling malt grains into the screw conveyors and into the malt squeezing machine

Malt storage silos

Malt silos are big outdoor tanks to storage bigger volumes of malt. We recommend their use in breweries with big production capacities to saving space in the brewery

Screw conveyors

Machines designed for easy transport of malt from the warehouse to the machine for squeezing malt, milled malt into the brewhouse and for transporting used malt grains into the waste container