Dispensing heads for kegs

Dispensing heads for the connection of beverage kegs to the flow-through cooler and beverage dispensing tower.

Beer dispensing taps

Special valves for dispensing draught beer and other beverages. Dispense taps for all restaurants, pubs and breweries.

Beer dispensing towers

Hi-quality towers for izobaric dispenzing of beer and other carbonated beverages in restaurants and pubs.

Compact dispenzing beer coolers

Compact equipment for cooling beer before its pouring into glasses using dispensing beer towers. The beer coolers use water cooling loops.

Compact beer coolers - full serving sets

Compact beer coolers and equipment for the cooling and dispenzing of beer. Beer cooling sets include all needed for serving of beer.

Accessories for the beer dispensing equipment

Accessories and spare parts for beer dispensing equipment - plaques, handles etc.

Tanks for cooling and storage of beer

Stainless steel tanks for cooling and storage of beer under pressure and for serving of beer directly in pubs.

Bags for the beer serving tanks

Polyethylene bags-in-box for special beer serving tanks designed to storage and dispenzing of beer directly for the tanks.