Primary fermentation of fruit juice to production of cider

Tanks for the primary fermentation of cider. Cylindrically-conical fermenters, cylindrical fermenters, insulated and non-insulated fermentation tanks.

Secondary fermentation the maturation of cider

Tanks for the secondary fermentation of cider - the cider maturation process under pressure. Cylindrical maturation tanks, cylindrically-conical tanks, insulated and non-insulated fermenters.

Complete sets for the fermentation and maturation of cider

Fully equipped sets for the fermentation and maturation of cider under pressure that are equipped with classical cylindrical-conical tanks and all equipment for controlled cooling of the tanks.

Compact units for the fermentation and maturation of cider

Compact cider fermentation units include one or more pieces of cylindrically-conical fermenters, cooler, control panel, and other equipment that is needed to controlled fermentation and maturation of cider.

Yeast processing equipment

Equipment to safety storage, revitalization, collecting and dosage of yeast. Yeast storage and regeneration tanks, yeast propagation stations. Bottles for storage yeast.

Final conditioning tanks for cider

Special pressure tanks for the final conditioning of cider. Cider conditioning tanks are used for the carbonization of cider, additional flavourization, filtration, filling of cider into bottles, kegs and cans.

Tank equipment & accessories

Optional equipment, accessories, tools and auxiliary equipment for cider production tanks.