The training of a microbrewery operator with practical training for 1 month

Service Code: SMB-1M


Designed for individual instruction of an operator and service workers in the microbrewery.

Training and practical training takes place in a microbrewery operated by the customer, alternatively in a partnership microbrewery in the Czech Republic.

skoleni-sladku-02 The price includes:

  • 1 calendar month (max. 22 working days) of practical training of 1-2 authorized personnel (future brewers) by an experienced brewer (instructor) in the production of beer in a small brewery, which is operated by the customer.
  • Training of 1-2 future brewers in the foundations of the general theory of beer production process.
  • Demonstration brewing of 5-15 batches of wort (subject to availability of a particular brewery) with the cooperation of the future brewer. It will be at least one batch of beer zonation of 10 ° and 1 batch of lager zonation of 12 ° – at the end of the course this wort will be used for making finished beer (stronger beer requires longer than 1 month maturation).
  • Performing of a controlled fermentation process, covering the main fermentation in open fermentation tanks or CC tanks and maturation in lager or CC tanks.
  • Delivery of three basic recipes for producing of three customer selected varieties of beer – bottom or top-fermented.
  • Demonstration of right procedures for sanitation of pipes, hoses, tanks and other equipment in the brewery using basic sanitation facilities.
  • Mentoring workflow for max. 4 other devices that are nota standard part of the microbrewery in the basic configuration (filters, CIP, nitrogen generator, keg washers, bottling, etc.) – It is available for a surcharge as a separate service.
  • Recommendation of trusted suppliers of raw materials, sanitizing agents, industrial gases and other supplies and raw materials.
  • Basic training for the future brewer of the foundations of health and safety at the workplace, food hygiene and hygiene.
  • Delivery of document templates for the brewery (brewing records, fermenting records, brew books,, sanitation diary) and instructions for their use.
  • Explanation on how to keep the compulsory documentation for customs reports.


Price does not include these optional items:

  • The cost of the fare and accommodation, abroad then flight costs, accommodation, 1x daily hot meals and the cost of visas, compulsory vaccination.
  • Briefing of procedures on very sophisticated equipment which is not usually used in a microbrewery (cross-flow filters, yeast propagation stations, pasteurizers, powerful lines for washing and filling kegs, bottles, etc.) – It is available for a surcharge as a separate service.
  • Providing of other recipes for different kinds of beer – it is possible for an additional fee as a separate service.
  • Mentoring of more than two future brewers – it is possible for an additional fee as a separate service.


It is assumed:

  • Future brewer ability to communicate in Czech, Slovak, English, Polish or Russian..
  • Full assignment of future brewer who will be in the microbrewery on their own and at their own risk according to the procedures communicated by the instructor and will carry out all the work required, including those which are in the run microbrewery usually carried out by an assistant of the brewer.
  • Uninterrupted period of training. If the manufacturing capacity of the microbrewery is not sufficient to training to be conducted every day, the customer will pay the full amount regardless of the actual workload of the instructor and the future brewer.
  • Starting date for the instructor and the start of the service is to be agreed by a signed contract with a provider for at least one month in advance and is for a customer and instructor binding. Exceptions can be arranged only in case if an alternative date suits both parties.



Price of the service (language EN, RU) :

  • Option A – training and practical training in customer-owned microbrewery abroad…………………. 150 Eur per working day
  • Option B – training and practical training in a partner microbrewery in the Czech Republic ………..190 Eur per working day ( includes a fee for the microbrewery)


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  • [email protected]
  • +420-735-176-071
  • +420-732-217-950
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