Production of pressure vessels with international certificates

We manufacture pressure vessels for breweries and cider houses in accordance with international guidelines and standards and with certificates PED 97/23 / EC, GUM or GOST-R.
We offer a cylindrical-conical tanks, fermentation tanks, lager tanks, racking tanks, yeast storage and other pressure vessels, not only with certificates PED 97/23 / EC (European Union), but optionally also with GUM , GOST-R certificates.

Surcharges for pressure vessel international certificates :

PED 97/23 / EC … included in the price
GUM …. surcharge 5%
GOST-R …. surcharge 10%



I. PED 2014/68/EU


Countries accepting the PED 2014/68/EU certificates :

Austria Finland Latvia Romania
Belgium France Lithuania Slovakia
Bulgaria Germany Luxembourg Slovenia
Cyprus Greece Malta Spain
Czech Republic Hungary Netherlands Sweden
Estonia Ireland Poland Switzerland*
Denmark Italy Portugal United Kingdom
*accepts but does not mandate




Countries accepting the GUM certificates :

  • Polsko




Countries always accepting the GOST-R certificates :

  • Russia
  • Kazakhastan
  • Belarus

Countries usually accepting the GOST-R certificates :

  • Uzbekistan
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Moldova
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Ukraine
  • Armenia



Prices and technical description of the pressure vessels:


Our quality Ten: Why to buy cylindrical-conical tank 300 liters just from us?


  1. We design, manufacture, mounted and testing of all vessels (excluding non-pressure) in accordance with the strict standards and guidelines for pressure vessels (EU Directive PED 97/23 / EC Pressure Equipment), GUM or GOST-R. I.e :
      • Each pressure vessel contains a double-acting air vent valve (prevents against an over pressurization or implosion of the tank during its charging / discharging)
      • Each pressure vessel also contains an independent overpressure safety valve(prevents against a very dangerous overpressurization of the vessel and the subsequent explosion during a malfunction or insufficient capacity of the double acting air vent valve)
      • Each pressure vessel is designed by certified designer who is qualified for the designing and calculation of pressure vessels.
      • Production documentation for each pressure vessel containing static strength calculation, the exact description of a right manufacturing process, including the required types of welds, thickness of material, critical points solutions.
      • All the manufactured pressure vessels are subjected to rigorous testing of tightness and porosity of welds, using a special liquid that detects even the slightest unwanted leaks, pores or micro-cracks = The Penetration Test
      • Pressure vessels are tested at overpressure which is at least 1 bar higher than the overpressure, for which containers are certified.
      • The Protocol on the tightness and pressure tests and the EU declaration of conformity are issued to all pressure vessels. We also attach the Pressure vessel passport, at the request of the customer.
      • Manufacturing processes, design drawings, manufacturing, tightness and pressure tests are supervised by an inspector of TÜV SÜD Czech or another certified company, supplying quality control and compliance with European standards.
      • Each pressure vessel contains an indelible nameplate with the obligatory name of the manufacturer, the ultimate pressure or other data that uniquely identifies the concrete pressure vessel in accordance with EU PED 97/23 / EC.
      • Optionally we can produce the pressure equipment according to the conditions and standards of GOST-R or GUM certification rules. In this case, we charge an extra surcharge for the special certification :
        • PED certification … is included in the price
        • GUM certification … surcharge 5%
        • GOST-R certification … surcharge 10%
      • We produce food containers fundamentally from food stainless steel that fully comply with the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council Regulation EC no. 1935/2004. These materials do not release their constituents to food in quantities which could endanger human health or bring about an unacceptable changes in the composition of food or a deterioration in their organoleptic and sensory characteristics in contact with food under normal or foreseeable conditions. We do not use cheap stainless steel with lower quality, which will soon lose their corrosion resistance and indifference to food, especially after repeated contact with the sanitation solutions.
      • We are looking into suppliers of construction and installation materials and components from which we produce equipment for food production and handling. We do not buy any material from importers who are unable to prove its European origins and characteristics.
      • All the tanks, which we design for fermentation, maturation and storage of beverages, have optimized dimensions for the fermentation processes, maturation process, carbonation, carried out in accordance with technological standards for beverages production. We do not set the dimensions of the containers by an unqualified “eyeball” estimate .
      • All containers that are made in HQ quality class, are produced with the guaranteed inner surface roughness of Ra < 0.8 microns, containers that are made in SQ quality class, are produced with the guaranteed inner surface roughness of Ra = 0.8 microns(except in very small containers and terminating welds on intermediate vessels), which is the European standard prescribed roughness of the inner surfaces of the containers that come into contact with food and carried with their sanitation alkalis and acids. Guaranteed roughness of the inner surface of the vessel is extremely important to ensure thorough cleaning and sanitation tanks. This is an essential prerequisite for achieving purity and sterility of food production equipment. We guarantee this limited roughness for 100% of the interior surface also for the tanks. We repeatedly do measurements of all internal surfaces of tanks with the special oughness-meter TR-130 during all their manufacturing process. We polish the inner surface of the tank until the desired roughness is reached.
      • Each container is designed and manufactured in such a way as to ensure easy cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces that come into contact with food. Therefore, the vessels are equipped with at least one sanitation shower, removable and sanitizable level-indicators and sample cooks. We do not use any cheap fittings, for which the manufacturer has failed to sanitary design and cleanability.
      • Tanks in HQ quality class have an united outer surface. All joints of the outer sheets (thickness at least 2 mm) are either welded or completely sealed. This is important to prevent ingress of moisture into the double casing, moistening the insulating material and the loss of insulating ability. This ensures a consistent quality and insulating capacity of the tanks. For containers in LQ quality the external sheets are usually riveted and they have a thickness of at least 1 mm.
      • We isolate all the pressure vessels by quality PU foam. The insulating polyuretan foam is professionally applied to the insulating space of the container so as to avoid formation of thermal bridges, unisolated empty space or deformation of containers.We do not use cheap little functional replacements for the isolation of containers such as insulating wool, polystyrene beads, inexpertly applied foam.
      • Diameters of nozzles, valves and piping are sized correctly according to the volume and vessel function – we do not mount underpowered functional elements on the tanks.
      • The warranty for the tanks produced in HQ is 36 months, warranty for the tanks produced in SQ is 24 months. The warranty on vessel in LQ quality is 12 months. The practical life of the vessels is usually several decades, while elements with lower lifetime (dampers, valves, seals, etc.) can usually to be easily replaced with a new standardized elements of the same or another manufacturer.


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