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Machines to squeezing malt grains before the wort brewing

malt mils for preparation of malt grains

The malt mill (malt grinder) is a machine to squeezing of malt grains before the wort brewing process on the brewhouse.

Before starting the brewing process it is needed to crush the grain malt in the prescribed manner. It means to ensure an access the grain endosperm without damaging their husks. Following the correct way of crushing malt is a prerequisite for high quality of beer produced. Crushing of the malt, the squeezing of malt grains, is performed in a machine called the malt mill.
Malt mills are supplied as standard with no accessories, or they optionally include a malt container, stairs, a malt conveyor and a hopper to the brewhouse.

We offer powerful malt mills with output capacity of up to 1000 kg malt per hour, with a stand for convenient filling of bags with milled malt. For units with the output over 3 kW stairs are necessary due to the height of the machine.

Accessories for squeezing of malt grains

  • Trays of milled malt
  • Stairs to the operation platform of the machine
  • Screw conveyors for malt and malt grist


Malt mill with the production capacity 400 - 700 kg per hourMalt mill with the production capacity 1800 kg per hourMalt mill with the production capacity 6000 kg per hour


We offer these malt mill machines :

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other types of malt mills



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