BEERCIDERLINE MODULO | Modular lines for the cider and beer production

Professional production of beer and cider on one modular beverage production line

Production of cider and beer - BEERCIDERLINE MODULO

A cider production line combined with a brewery is a very effective usage of production technology, which allows with a minimal purchase cost to meet the public demand after two refreshing low-alcoholic drinks. While beer satisfies mainly traditional consumers, cider is appealing to customers who prefer fruit flavours and refreshing to energetic alcoholic beverages.

Specially designed beverage fermenting and maturation tanks with integrated cooling and heating allow professional production of beer and cider. The operator of a production line can arbitrarily decide which tanks will provide the production of beer or cider, depending on the need at the market. Both beverages can be produced simultaneously in any ratio. The production capacity of the production line is only limited by the total volume of fermentation and maturation tanks, while the modular design of the line allows progressive expansion of production capacity.

Structural design of production lines BEERCIDERLINE MODULO

The production line consists of several functional units:

  1. Preparation of the wort – a hot block of the brewery with a malt milling machine, brewing house and cooling device for wort – a wort is an intermediate product.
  2. Preparation of the fruit juice –the department of preparation and processing of fruit, equipped with fruit rinser, fruit crusher and fruit press – a fruit juice is an intermediate product.
  3. Fermentation and maturation of beverages – cold block in which the fermentation and maturation of intermediates takes place – wort or fruit juice – beer or cides is an final product.
  4. Preparing of beverages for sale – includes facilities for the storage of finished beverage, beverage filtration and bottling into bottles or kegs or direct sale at the bar.

Complete professional production line of modular construction for beer and cider with simple installation that does not require building interventions into the building. Their assembly on the site can be handled by the customer without the need for expert work. Production line of beer and cider can be implemented in the beginning only in the basic configuration and then gradually expanded by other components and equipment, increasing production volume and comfort of work in a plant.

Build it yourself: simple modular combination beer-cider production line for each restaurant …

Fermentation block for cider and beerBEERCIDERLINE MODULO lines for the production of beer and cider excel in their revolutionary modular solution that compared to breweries and cider production lines of other manufacturers have many advantages especially for beginners and future producer of beer and cider.

  • Simple construction – to build a combi production line for two beverages can be handled by any skilled customers
  • Unpretentious technical requirements – for the location of the production plant – just a free part of the kitchen
  • You can start with minimal configuration – and gradually retrofitte the production line and expand
  • Manageable handling of components – casters and adjustable feet
  • Fast connection of components – using special hoses or pipeline
  • Easy and quick installation and activation – by yourself using the manual
  • Saving cost and time – installation goes without challenging design and construction work
  • The production line is not firmly attached to the building – its structure has a character of the assembly appliances
  • Easy financing through a loan or leasing of technology – does not affect the rights of third parties
  • Beverage production can begin within a few hours – since the technology delivery

Press for production of cider Why choose the BEERCIDERLINE MODULO for a beer and cider production ?

I. You can easily assemble a combined beer-cider production line according to your needs by yourself as a kit

cider house modular kitThe acquisition of a cider and beer production facility is in comparison with other catering equipment usually quite an expensive investment. Few people can afford to buy the facility in a configuration that corresponds to the production capacity, planned several years in advance. Therefore, it is reasonable to build a beer-cider production line gradually in small steps, while the capacity and equipment of the plant will be increased in years, if the sale of beer and cider matches the plans of the investor. At the same time, reducing the initial configuration of the production line to the necessary minimal required equipment eliminates the significant business risks and minimizes the loss in case of failure of the company.

brewhouse-breworx-modulo-250pmc-006-300x300BEERCIDERLINE MODULO beverage production lines fully comply with this cautious strategy. Their modular design allows you to start with the production of beer and cider in the smallest volume possible with the minimum cost investment. Gradually, it is then possible to extend the line and retrofit it as a kit. You simply purchase additional fermentation units, transfer tanks, CIP station, keg filling equipment, bottling plant and other facilities which are not necessary in the early stages of the production.

The construction of the line is designed in such a way that the production line can be assembled and activated by an operator themself using a manual, or the line can be at any time rebuilt, expanded or retrofitted without the costly assistance of the assembly team. The parts are connected by flexible hoses and cables with quick connections, for the assembly of the cider and beer production line virtually no special equipment is needed. Components are provided with casters for easy handling that in the set place can be easily exchanged with adjustable feet.

Nevertheless, we can offer customer service of professional installation and activation of the line for production of beer and cider by workers of our production company.


Ia) Industrial line for the production of beer and cider BEERCIDERLINE MODULO in expanded compilation :

1. Preparation of the wort: 1.1 Malt mill 1.2 Filtration tank and whirl tank, 1.3 Wort brewing tank, 2. Preparation of fruit must: 2.1 Fruit rinsing, 2.2 Fruit crushing , 2.3 Water press for crushed fruit, 3.1 Wort cooling 4. Fermentation and maturation of beer and cider: 4.1 Fermentation and maturing tanks (CCT) with integrated cooler and heater, 5. Cleaning and sanitation: 5.1 Mobile pump for pumping of liquids and sanitation solutions, 5.2 * CIP sanitizing station, 6. Technical gases: 6.1 Air Compressor with carbon filters, 6.2 Pressure bottles with CO2 or N2 generator, 7. Yeast management: 7.1 Tanks for the storage of yeast, 8. Preparing of beer and cider to sell of drinks and bottling: 8.1 Serving tanks, 9. Filtering of beer and cider: 9.1 * Primary and secondary filter 10. Bottling and selling of cider and beer: 10.1 * Rinsing the kegs and filling beer and cider into kegs, 10.2 * Distribution and sale of cider and beer in packaging 10.3 * Dispensing of beer and cider.

BeerCiderLine Modulo - technical scheme

II. You can save the costs for the design, construction changes and assembly work

save your moneyWhy are the production line with the classical design so expensive? Because to acquire a “classical” line brings a lot of management, time and finance consuming tasks and activities. When you want a normal in-built line for the production of beer and cider, you must go through and pay for:

  • Design work – the technology project of the production line – cca 40.000-100.000 Kč + the construction project
  • The building permission – the facility will be permanently inbuilt into the building, which means that the building changes its purpose of usage
  • Many subjects and institutions must permit the intended changes – neighbours, fire brigade, water supplier, electricity supplier, telecomunication, the Ministry of Enviroment etc.
  • Construction work – the reconstruction of the building can be more expensive than the technology of the production itself
  • Assembly work – the producer usually dispatches a team of workers for 2 – 5 weeks, and the cost of assembly work, accomodation and food for the workers can reach hundred thousands.

Most of these problems do not appear when you have the BeerCiderLine MODULO line , or they will bother the future operator of the beverage production plant only to a small extend. They consist of several independent parts, flexibly connected by hoses and they are not needed to be in-built into the construction of the building. This means that they have the character of appliances and the legislative connected with their installation and work is much easier.


III. For the operation of the BCL MODULO cider and beer production line an unused part of the restaurant kitchen is sufficient

The ideal place to operate the line is an unused part of the restaurant kitchen, equipped by normal standards for restaurant operations.

You will need:

  • Room with a floor space, corresponding to the requirements of the selected configuration of a cider house, a minimum required height – the required dimensions we will accurately calculate.
  • This space will be needed to define for example by a removable lightweight plasterboard partition and lockable door – this will be established as a customs warehouse, which is a legislative requirement for the operation of a commercial cider house and a brewery.
  • Doors and gates, their dimensions allowing the passage of components to its destination. If you do not meet the dimensions of the doorways, we can supply components partially disassembled, or recommend for this purpose temporarily or permanently establish a new mounting hole in the masonry. Failing any of the above methods to ensure arrival of the technology in place, you will need to select the technology configuration with a smaller volume of tanks and a brewhouse.
  • The floor and walls up to 150 cm paneled by facing allowing the sanitation. The floor must be finished slightly towards the sewer floor drain.
  • Electrical outlets 3x400V and 1x230V with minimal configuration required fuse according to the line.
  • The efficient extractor hood, or connection to the chimney, which allows the exhaust steam go out of the building.
  • Window screens for preventing the intrusion of insects.
  • Air exhausting at floor level in a place where the fermenting tanks shall be located – to a small degree the fermentation results in poisonous CO2.
  • Well ventilated or air-conditioned room for the placement of fermentation units – cooling makes waste heat, which means that ventilation or space cooling is needed. The maximum operating temperature in the room with the tanks is 35 ° C.
  • Room for storing fruit, malt and hop.
  • Dedicated refrigerator for storing of special yeast.
  • Utility room for storage of sanitizing agents, cleaners, tools, storage bottles with technical gases etc.


IV. Easier financing of the production line

The fact that the cider production line with a brewery is not firmly embedded in the structure of the building and can be at any time without damage taken away has a positive impact on project funding options of the beverage production.

Banks and leasing companies are very reluctant to provide funding for the acquisition of fixed construction for the production technology. The reasons are complications with “seizure” of the production object in case of poor payment status of borrowers or tenants in cases where the execution rights of third parties (it is not possible without the permission of the owner of the building to take away the line).

These legislative obstacles in case of BEERCIDERLINE MODULO lines do not exist.


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