BeerCiderLine PROFI | The industrial combi cider and beer production line

Professional production of beer and cider on a two-in-one production line BeerCiderLine PROFI

BEERCIDERLINE PROFI are complete professional combined production lines for two kinds of beverages – beer and cider. The technology is firmly connected with the building structure. It enables higher productivity and greater production volumes than the line BEERCIDERLINE MODULO. It includes professional high-performance equipment for the production of beer wort, fruit processing, controlled fermentation and maturation and packaging of the resulting beverage – beer and cider.




Production lines BeerCiderLine Profi series include in one balanced set all the facilities that are required for professional manufacturing of low-alcoholic fruit drinks – beer and cider. They enable the production of not only all the common kinds of beer and genuine cider from apples, but there is no problem to produce experimental fruit drinks from most types of cereal, forest and garden fruit (currants, plums, pears, raspberries, apricots, peaches, etc.)



Description of the industrial line for the production of cider CIDERLINE PROFI:

1. Preparation of must: 1.1 Fruit washer, 1.2 Fruit crusher, 1.3 Pneumatic press for crushed fruit, 1.4 Mobile pump for beer and cider, 2. fermentation and maturation of cider: 2.1 Fermentation and maturing tanks (CCT) with integrated cooler and heater, 2.2 * Serving tanks, 4. Thermal control: 4.1 Cooling and the heating unit 6. Sanitation: Sanitation pump 6.1, 6.2 * CIP 7. Industrial gases: 7.1 Air Compressor with carbon filters, 7.2 Nitrogen generator / CO2 cylinders, 8. Yeast management : 8.1 Tanks for the storage of yeast, 8.2 * Propagation station for growing your own yeast strains 9. Filtering of beer and cider: 9.1 * Primary and secondary filter, 10. Bottling and selling of beer and cider: 10.1 * Washing and filling of beer and cider into kegs, 10.2 * Distribution and sale of beer and cider in packaging 10.3 * Tapping of beverages.

BeerCiderLine Profi - technical scheme


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