Why become a brewery owner

How is it possible that some restaurants and accommodation facilities permanently inflate its capacity every weekend and have a dining areas and tables outside the restaurant full of guests? They are different!

Times are bad, every operator of a restaurant, guesthouse or hotel can tell you. The number of guests is dwindling, people are starting to save money. Sales are not what they used to be. Perspective is not optimistic. How is it possible that some restaurants and accommodation facilities permanently inflate its capacity every weekend and have a dining areas and tables outside the restaurant full of guests? Do they cook cheaper? Do they offer cheaper beer and other beverages? No. They are different!

To stand out from the normal average of guesthouses or restaurants, offering a unique dining experience, it is now the only functional way to not only maintain, but also continue to develop the restaurant business. Guest is looking for new taste, new names of food and beverages. Willing to spend money for something that has a chance to taste only in this particular place.

Even today more than ever before, the restaurant tourism is developing. Guests are willing to travel tens of kilometers to taste local specialties, or to stop at a recommended place on the way to another destination. This is particularly true for the phenomenon of our time – cycling. Active leisure time has never been so popular as today. Every day cyclists, especially on warm weekends, set off from their home on their bikes and are looking for a trip destination to which it pays to go, chat with family or friends and get some refreshments. Ask several active cyclists what destionations they set off and what they expect from them. Most of them will admit that domestic microbrewery or restaurant is always a place that is not worth to miss. Especially when they can eat on the fresh air in the cultural environment of nice restaurants and a frosted glass of healthy yeast beer is brought to them by smiling staff.

Before we started the production of container microbreweries, we spent many weekends as active bicyclists and we visited many restaurants that run small restaurant breweries. We observed the bustle inside the enterprise and the amount of satisfied visitors who were sitting outside the restaurants. If the owner of the business was present, we asked him for the tour round his brewery and asked about his experience with the operation. We also asked local residents what they thing of the microbrewery in their village. Finally, we visited dozens of restaurant businesses that did not operate microbrewery yet. We learned some interesting things:

  • All operators of small breweries started as a classical average restaurant owners. This earned them just enough to cover the actual operation and sustain the owner and his staff. No one had saved up more than 1 million before taking a microbrewery.
  • They all decided to go to risks and buy ​​a microbrewery with borrowed money, which they had guaranteed by their house or restaurant facility.
  • All of these operators noticed an increase in attendance on the company from 100 to 400% during the first two years of operation. First local regulars largely ignored new custom beer, but the gain of new guests mainly from near and far neighbourhood, who wanted to come and try home brew, quickly exceeded the number of regular guests. Within two years, almost all local regulars gradually have gone over to the domestic wheat beer and dozens of tourists have become regulars.
  • After 1-2 years, most operators of microbreweries completely switched to exclusive offer of their own beer and stopped offering classic beers from other suppliers – they simply found out that to stand up for their own brand is worth and guests then began to consider the owners´ pride in their brewery’s own brand as further evidence of the quality of local beer.
  • Most operators of small breweries after repayment of the investment plan to expand brewing capacity as demand is increasing and especially in summer they are unable to cover it without losing the quality of the beer produced (keep the prescribed time of lying in lagering tanks)
  • All operators of microbreweries were amazed by the popularity that their own beer brought. They are mentioned in all tourist promotional materials, they often host journalists, TV reporters and editors of magazines. They are interviewed and organize excursions to the brewery for celebrities and regular guests. The growth in popularity has resulted in the influx of other new visitors and increase the number of loyal guests and therefore sales.
  • The municipality, on whose land the brewery is located, whenever possible, does not hesitate to boast the operation of a local brewery, whether it is on the materials for the promotion of tourism, on postcards or at various local events.
  • Ordinary people are proud of the brewery in their community and, because they have a place where to go and enjoy a good beer with their family, they can boast about this local rarity to their visitors and the brewery is a favorite topic of talks in their daily work.
  • None of the brewery operators complained that their investment in the acquisition and development did not pay off.
  • Most restaurant operators without their own brewery complained to us that they record a loss of guests and increasingly lower sales. They do not like the fact that their guests are attracted by restaurants with small breweries near and far.
  • Most restaurant operators without their own brewery would like to have their own microbrewery, but do not have the money for it and often do not have the space, where the brewery could be built on. They do not realize that those who have a microbrewery and run it today were at the same position. Our service The turnkey microbrewery can lead them step-by-step to their own microbrewery.
  • Most restaurant operators without their own brewery fears that the microbrewery would not pay off and they would bring their business to ruin. They do not realize that those who have a microbrewery and run it today were at the same position. Our service Brewery to test would convince them without risk that their own microbrewery really pays quickly.
  • Most restaurant operators without their own brewery has a contract of exclusive distribution of beer purchased from a major vendor and it does not allow them to extend the range of their own brand of beer. They do not realize that those who have a microbrewery and run it today were at the same position. They need to get rid of dependence on a single supplier and not to prolong a contract like that because it hinders the development of their own business. To offer their own brand of beer always begins to pay off soon.
  • Some of restaurant operators without their own brewery do not own the building in which a restaurant is, but they are a tenant. They would like to have a microbrewery, but do not want to or cannot invest in property that is not theirs. They reasonably fear that in the event of termination of the lease the built microbrewery would not be easy or cheap to move elsewhere. They do not know that there is a solution, called Mobile breweries MOBBEER that simply solves their problem.
  • Some operators have the courage to start their own brewery, but they think ahead and plan to take their own brewery when they save and earn money for a larger restaurant or its extension. They do not take into account the risk that in the meantime a competitor can take a brewery and outflow of tourists and regulars can then bury the plans completely. After all, every year there is over 20 new microbreweries in the Czech Republic. For such operators it would be a great solution to purchase a smaller mobile brewery now, or a space saving static brewery and to accelerate revenue growth and the influx of guests and later they can increase the capacity of the brewery, or purchase another object and move the entire brewery, which is no bigger problem for a mobile brewery MOBBEER.

10 good reasons to opt for your own microbrewery

  • Differentiation from all average restaurant services
  • Extension of beers on arbitrarily wide range of unique kinds of your own beer
  • Substantial multiplication of the gain from the sale of every pint of beer
  • Perfecting the general trend of gradual decline in restaurant attendance to the contrary – its sustained growth
  • Securing the natural interest of the public and publicity in your own restaurant
  • Independence from the politics of the major suppliers of beer
  • Incomparably faster return on investment compared to other investment opportunities in the hotel and restaurant industry
  • Rapid growth in sales and profits of the overall operations of the company, the possibility of accelerating further investment
  • Good feeling of high professional and personal reputation among consumers and in the field
  • Microbreweries with the production volume to 10,000 hectoliters of beer per year have half the excise tax than big breweries

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