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Pricelist : Open fermentation vats and cylindrical fermentation tanks – fermenters

PRICELIST : Open fermentation vats and cylindrical fermentation tanks – fermenters

I. Traditional Czech open fermentation vats – special vessels for a fermentation of the typical Czech beer (Pilsen lager)



We produce the open fermentation vats in these dimension variants :

Otevřené kvasné kádě


Price list and technical descriptions of typized open fermentation vats :Open fermentation vat

other variants of the open fermentation vats …

Open fermentationOpen fermentation vats – general informations

The traditional brewery cellar technology is based on historically proven method of slow fermentation of young beer in open fermentation vats and the maturation of beer in closed lager tanks at moderate pressures. In this manner, in Central Europe, beer has been manufactured for at least 150 years.

More informations about the open fermentation vats … 

II. Practical non-pressurized cylindrical fermentation tanks – suitable for safe fermentation of the both bottom and top-fermented beers:


Price list and technical descriptions of typized cylindrical fermentation tanks :