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Production portfolio

Production of breweries, microbreweries and brewery equipment

Our production portfolio

Breweries - sets

Our main production portfolio - full sets of the beer production lines. Nanobreweries, microbreweries, minibreweries, industrial small breweries. We produce the small breweries designed for the anual production from 3 800 up to 16 200 000 liters. We offer the smallest nanobreweries for homebrewers and starting brewers, classical pub or restaurant microbreweries and also powerfull six-vessel industrial minibreweries for efficient beer production. The most of our breweries is equipped with the simple manual control system, minibreweries with bigger production capacity are equipped with the automatic control system.

Cider lines - sets

We produce the full sets of the cider production lines. Two different types of the cider house - the modular cidera line and the professional cider lines. All cider lines are equipped with the professional devices - must production equipment, cider fermentation and maturation tanks, optionally keg and bottle filling equipment. Unique technology for combination of both beer and cider production on common shared equipment allows fully use the beverage line during full year for production of two types drinks.

Beer & cider production equipment - components

The professional beer & cider production equipment : beer production tanks, cider production tanks, brewhouses, must crushers and presses, fermentation and maturation containers, cooling and heating machines, bottling machines, keg rinsing and filling machines, CIP stations, dry hopping equipment, temperature measuring and control systems and all what you need for efficient production of beer, cider or also carbonated alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Services for beer and cider producers

Services for beer and cider producers. Basic brewery (or ciderhouse) customer project consulting and analysis. Engineering, projecting and designing of breweries and cider houses. Installation of breweries and cider houses. Professional supervision for installation. Reconstruction and modernization of the breweries and cider houses. Help with starting of a microbrewery or cider house. Brewmasters – cidermans coaching. Supply of raw materials for brewing and cidermaking.