Plate filters

Plate filters for the cider primary filtration is the cheapest system for the basic, medium and fine filtration of the fruit alcoholic beverages. Porous plates with optional porosity are used as filtration elements.

Candle filters with kieselguhr

Beverage filters with kieselguhr are the mostly used system for the basic, medium and fine filtration of cider. The filter medium is a layer of diatomaceous earth (kieselguhr with optional porosity) on the porous candle.

Candle microfilters

Candle microfilters representes a system for the very fine final filtration of cider immediately before bottling. The filtration candles with optional porousity are used as a filtration medium.

Filtration material

Filtration material for beverage filters - kieselguhr, filtration plates, filtration candles with optional porousity.
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