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Fruit presses for the production of cider must

Our cider houses (production lines for the cider) CiderLine are fitted with a device for pressing fruit juice from crushed fruit. Fruit juice is a starting intermediate for the production of cider beverage which is produced by fermentation and subsequent maturation in fermentation units.

I. Hydraulic presses for fruits

Press for production of ciderHydraulic presses are delivered to cider houses with small and medium production volume. They are more powerful devices than manual presses, yet their price and service demands are significantly lower than most of pneumatic presses.
Hydraulic presses are designed for pressing of shredded apples, pears or other fruits to make the cider. The pressing is achieved without the need for electricity and hand work, using only water pressure. Water is filled through the valve into the inner rubber bag that expands and presses the fruit to the walls of the press.
The sufficient water pressure is 2,5bar for pressing and it is regulated by a valve and a pressure gauge on the water supply.
The pressure is secured by a safety valve. The press speed compared to manual presses is up to 4 times higher. For each water press we deliver spare press bags for the sediment sludge.

Press bags for the sediment sludge:
This is a special cloth filter, which is designed to filter the sediment (sludge). The sediment is poured into the bag, and it is re-pressed in the water press again. The pure cider passes through the bag and the rest of the sediment remains inside the bag. The efficiency of the hydraulic press is up to 95% of fruit juice.


II. Belt fruit presses

The belt fruit presses allow pressing of the crushed fruit continuosly. The belt presses are a good solution for production offtuit juice or cider in bigger volumes. We offer the belt presses in operation capacities from 300 up to 4500 kilograms of pressed fruit per hour.

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Belt fruit presses :



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