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Beer tanks – special vessels for production of beer or cider and operations with carbonated beverages

Beer production tanks - certificaties of pressure vesselsWe produce all kinds of brewery beer tanks. Our beer production tanks are suitable for the production of all alcoholic carbonated beverages like beer, cider, sparkling wine etc.

Beer tanks are non-pressure or the pressure vessel made of food stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316) intended for production of beer and similar carbonated alcoholic beverages, beer storage, and other handling of beer.

We equip the beer tanks with a standard equipment or special equipment according of customer’s requirements . For example for the production of cider or production less common types of beer, according to the production process, which can not be realized with conventional standard equipment of beer tanks.


The tab sheet on this site shows all kinds of beer tanks that are in our production program, and their technical description. Technical specifications and prices of manufactured standard beer tanks are described herein. The ability to customize the accessories, equipment, dimensions, prices and other parameters of beer tanks according of individual requirements of particular customers are commonplace.

Although our beer tanks are primarily optimized for beer production, we also produce them in modifications for the efficient production of other drinks – especially wine and carbonated cider.

Beer production tanks

Beer tanks – overview of manufactured vessels and devices for the beer production and other operations with beer, cider, wine

Beer production tanks - description and comparation of all types


Beer tanks – description and navigation to products pages

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