MC | Manual Control System for breweries

The control system of the brewery and brewhouse – manual control (MC)

brewhouse-automatic-control-auv1-control-panelA manual control of a brewhouse, simple push-button control panel with basic control and sensing elements. Manually adjusted pipeline routes, switching of motors and pumps, temperature and times are watched by the brewer.

I. MC – manual control – manually controlled brewhouse, simple push-button control panel with basic control and measuring elements:

Quantities displayed and controlled on the control panel :

  • On / off the brewhouse
  • Central STOP
  • Lighting of the brewhouse on / off
  • Motor of the boiler – frequency controlled, stepwise adjustable speed
  • Motor of the strainer – frequency controlled, stepwise set speed
  • Mash – lauter pump – frequency controlled, stepwise adjustable speed
  • Wort pump – frequency controlled, stepwise adjustable speed
  • The boiler temperature – display, control – step adjustable (the pre-set temperature starts brewhouse heating, if the temperature sensed from works is lower than the set)
  • Wort temperature after the heat exchanger – display


Quantities on display outside the control panel:

  • Water filling temperature in the mixer – display thermometer, mixing hot and cold water dealt with manual valves with mixer
  • The water temperature in the hot water tank (boiler)
  • The water temperature in the tank of ice water
  • Temperature of the water / steam in the condenser of sencondary steam (pointer thermometer)
  • Level in the hot water tank (outer glass tube level gauge)
  • The level in the tank of ice water (outer glass tube level gauge)
  • The level in the hot tub (outer glass tube level gauge)
  • Haze of works, wort, fresh wort – through sight glasses
  • The cumulative flow of filling water – mechanical flow meter with display of flown water


Automatically controlled:

  • Heating by the glycol heater depending on the temperature of the kettle and boiler (the control panel of the brewhouse) :
  • Heating capacity of a glycol heater
  • Pump of a glycol heater
  • 3- way valve of a glycol heater
  • Flaps of glycol heater


Manually controlled:

  • All dampers and valves in addition to heating of the brewhouse – manual settings of pipeline routes
  • Stroke of the raising device – step adjustable – pneumatic control with air valves or mechanically
  • Control of chimney dampers – the flap lever
  • The spreading malt – by hand from bags through the inspection door
  • The spreading of hops – by hand from the bag through the inspection door
  • Monitoring times – ” kitchen ” clock with a bell (it does not switch on or off anything)

Saved in the computer memory:

  • no data


Manual (step-by-step) control system for fermentation and maturation process

Temperatures in all fermentation tanks, maturation tanks, serving tanks, draft beer tanks, yeast storage tanks etc. are controlled using the simple PLC temperature regulators. The brewer manually sets required temperature in each tank on the digital temperature regulator. The PLC regulator then automatically cools down the tanks to required temperature and holds the temperature still to next requirement to change it.


We offer two systems for the manual temperature control system in tanks :

1. Direct tank temperature control system

The local PLC temperature regulators are placed on each tank. Tanks with more than single cooling zone have more PLC regulators.

Temperature regulator for beer tanksmanual-tank-temperature-control-system-01


Price list and description of the one-zone tanks temperature control systems :


see other variations


Price list and description of the two-zone tanks temperature control systems :

TTMMCS - Tank temperature manual measurement & control system for tanks with two cooling zones

see other variations


2. Cabinet tank temperature control system

All temperature regulators are placed in one common cabinet on the wall.

Cabinet tank temperature control system


see other variations



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