Candle diatomaceous earth beer filters

Professional solution of primary filtration for medium and large microbreweries


Candle diatomaceous earth filter for breweries BREWORXBeer filtration through candle diatomaceous earth filter is the most common solution of a filtration in a microbrewery of medium and large sizes . Beverage filtration is done through driftwood filter means on the vertical filter candles . Candle filter is characterized by high filtration efficiency . The most widely used filter medium is diatomaceous earth . Depending on the composition of the filter layer different degrees of purity and flow of filtered liquid can be achieved . Ongoing diatomaceous earth dosage by a dosing pump keeps the filter still enough permeable . This allows to achieve high -capacity performance. Cleaning (regeneration ) of the filter is very easy and fast, without disassembling the pressured vessel.

The filter is fitted as standard with the sight glass at the inlet and outlet . It can be equipped with various degrees of automation. The filter is a mobile device mainly on travel wheels.


Advantages of diatomaceous filtration:

  • High efficiency filtration
  • The small cost of consumables – diatomaceous earth
  • Using both primary and secondary filtration – choice of diatomaceous filter
  • Stable flow filtration performance – does not decrease due to clogging of the filter layer
  • Quick and easy cleaning (regeneration) of the filter without removing the device
  • The possibility of automated operation

Disadvantages of diatomaceous filtration:

  • The higher cost of filtering machine
  • The need for environmentally friendly disposal of used diatomaceous earth



We offer these candle diatomaceous earth beer filters :

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