Preparation of beer to sale

Equipment for the preparation of beer to sale and distribution



Beer filtrationFiltration of beer

filtration is mechanical removal of live yeast from the beverage once or several times by flowing the beer through the filter layer or through multiple filtration layers with decreasing throughput. The reason for the filtration is increasing resistance of beer and prolong its life period.



Beer pasteurizationPasteurization of beer

Larger microbreweries supplying their produce beer to sales network often needs a brewery equipment for pasteurization of beer. We supply flow and tunnel pasteurization lines Czech production of any production output.



Draft beer equipmentDraft beer technology and pub draught beer equipment

At the customer’s request, we can equip the restaurant with components and elements associated with its own beer.




washing and filling kegsSmall equipment for manualy washing and filling of kegs

The solution for smallest microbreweries. Cleaning, sanitizing and filling kegs are necessary operations in breweries that distribute beer to other restaurants or to their own restaurant network using beer kegs as transport and tapping packages.

Valves for handy filling beer into kegs

The solution for small microbreweries equipped with keg-washer without filling function. Hand-filling kegs is the most widely used method filling beer to kegs in small breweries.

Equipment for fully-automatic filling beer into kegs – washing and filling stations

The solution for medium microbreweries. Powerful solution washing and filling kegs for middle-size microbreweries


Equipment for handy or semi-automatic filling beer into bottles

Simple and practical solution for the sale of beer in glass and PET bottles in starting a small brewery with minimal technical equipment.

Equipment for handy filling beer into small party kegs

A simple device for filling small 5-liter plastic barrels by beer – popular souvenirs for visitors of microbrewery.



Beer filling lines for kegsAutomatic lines for filling beer into petainers

Bottling beer in plastic containers with a capacity from 20 to 50 liters kegs is a modern and efficient method of preparing beer for distribution primarily to restaurants.

Bottle filling machines – with production capacity up to 1300 bottles per hour

Machines for semi-automatic rinsing, filling, crowning and labelling of bottles for medium-large microbreweries

Bottle filling machines – with production capacity up to 2400 bottles per hour

Machines for full-automatic rinsing, filling, crowning and labelling of bottles for large microbreweries


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