Bar draft beer dispensers

Bar draft beer dispensers

Draft beer bar is a workplace bartender that serves as a platform for mounting multiple devices – tap stand with valves, refrigeration equipment, equipment for mixing gas compression. Includes space for cylinders with a pressure gas, sink with equipment for washing beer glasses, storage space for drained and drying beer glasses plate for temporary postponement tapped glasses, cabinets for storage beer glasses and other equipment of a restaurant.

The counter are manufactured in many modifications. The structure consists of double skin panel filled with polyurethane insulation with various combinations of doors and drawers. Sockets are produced in combination with either 345/345, 360/285 or 455/190 – values ​​indicate the maximum possible level of CO2 bottle. In an embodiment, the door is placed inside perforated adjustable shelves. In addition to the cooling module is placed for cabinet refrigerator in which the type with two sinks hinged doors with plastic garbage bin.

The entire assembly is placed on a plinth 40 mm high and covered tapping the plate thickness. 40mm. In the center column of the refrigerated module is hung evaporator with forced circulation, from which the hose seduced condensate formed during defrost in the tank for the cooling unit where it evaporates.

On the box is the main switch and digital thermostat that controls the operation of refrigeration units. The thermostat is factory set to a temperature of + 4 ° C and allows you to drink the tap temperature change in the range of +2 to +10 ° C.

Draft beer bar


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