Industrial breweries

Powerful breweries with an industrial design are primarily intended for medium-large and big volume of beer production. The main emphasis is on maximum functionality and efficiency of production, personnel safety and economy operation. Our industrial breweries successfully compete with large breweries in many countries of Europe and Asia.

Industrial breweries with medium and big production capacity

Industrial breweries

Beer production in larger volumes primarily makes high demands on production efficiency. Main priorities of industrial brewers are:

  • Low rates of energy consumption
  • Minimising water consumption
  • Reduction number of employees to the minimum necessary
  • Minimizing number of steps at each operation
  • Efficient use of space by beer production technology
  • Maximizing daily production

These requirements are not usual in craft breweries with restaurant because their construction is greatly influenced by the requirement for classic luxury design at the expense of production efficiency. Therefore the industrial breweries are intended mainly for our customers who are thinking about beer production for external customers, for beer distribution to the beverage market. But they are intended also for larger restaurants in stadiums, in large recreational facilities, hotels and pensions, catering companies with especial requirements for industrial beer production.


Compact Brewery logoIndustrial breweries BREWORX COMPACT


The optimal solutions for breweries with a medium production capacities from 750 to 18000 hectoliters of beer per year.

Typical sets of the COMPACT breweries with the practical powerful machine for production wort BREWORX TRITANK. BREWORX COMPACT breweries are the craft breweries with simple industrial design that are designed for efficient production of all known kinds beer. Breworx Compact industrial breweriesBREWORX TRITANK wort brew machines are the main components of the BREWORX COMPACT industrial breweries .


The machine for preparation of wort BREWORX TRITANK has a practical industrial design which is typical for European small and medium-size breweries. All components that are necessary to production of wort are integrated to three universal tanks. Each tank ensures several functions. This type of the wort brew machine is able to produce from one to two batches of wort per day, if malt is used for the brewing, or up to three batches of wort per day, if malt extract is used instead malt. We produce the machine of stainless steel.

The BREWORX COMPACT breweries are equipped with modern or traditional fermentors according to customer´s requirements. We recommend the open fermentation vats as primary fermentors, and lager maturation tanks as secondary fermentors for production of traditional Czech beer lagers. For production all other types of beer are cylindrically-conical tanks as univerzal fermentors for both primary and secondary fermentation in the same tank the best solution.


Industrial breweries BREWORX OPPIDUMIndustrial breweries Oppidum

The optimal solutions for breweries with a larger production volume from 25,000 to 200,000 hectoliters of beer per year.

Oppidum industrial breweries with a big production capacityModern brewhouse wort machine with six one-functional vessels that are integrated on a common stainless steel frame. All beer production steps and functions are operated and controlled from one central steel platform.

Effective solution of a industrial brewery for those who take a production of beer seriously. The maximum production capacity and the highest possible production efficiency was on top of the list of priorities before our technological and development work on the Oppidum brewery. And we still enhance both these parameters according to requirements our customers and their experience with this type of brewery.

The production manager and brew master have manufacturing process constantly under control. Fermentation and maturation of beer in modern cylindrically-conical fermentation tanks or in open fermentation vats allows the production of all types on-bottom or on-top fermented beers, either in traditional or modern way. The ability of precisely controling fermentation and maturation leads to results of constant quality and sensory characteristics of beer.



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