Technical specifications of BREWORX MODULO

Technical specifications of microbreweries BREWORX MODULO

I. Basic configuration of BREWORX MODULO – get start with minimal investment


The basic functional configuration of the microbrewery contains only the most essential devices that are necessary for the production of beer in a small volume. This is useful for any aspiring brewers who want to produce beer first carefully and try to learn it. The brewers can thus verify the success of the planned business model without major business risks.

Scheme of microbrewery Breworx Modulo Classic PMC-DMC - basic assembly

II. Advanced configuration of microbrewery BREWORX MODULO – gradual development of the company, increasing production capacity and the possibilitiesof the microbrewery

Brewer may gradually extend his microbrewery adding other components and devices. By adding additional fermentation units they can achieve growth in production capacity of the microbrewery. By adding pressure tanks, filters, washing machines and filling machines they get the opportunity to sell beer in kegs and bottles and ensure slowly building business networks. CIP station, nitrogen generator, yeast activators etc significantly increase the comfort of work for workers in the brewery, hot water tank allows more efficient use of energy and contribute to costs savings.

Block scheme of microbrewery Modulo - expanded configuration


Selectable and scalable production capacity of 56 hl 6000 hl of beer per year


Microbreweries BREWORX MODULO have a modular architecture. It is possible to start to operate the brewery in a very simple basic configuration with a small production and then gradually expand. All this can be very easy and quick, without costly design, construction and assembly works.

Production capacity of the microbrewery (maximum production) is determined by several parameters:

  1. Effective volume of a brewhouse – optional 250, 500 or 1000 liters depending on the brewhouse.
  2. The volume of daily batch of wort – it is detemined by type of the brewhouse, usable volume of the brewhouse and used brewing recipe. It is possible to select a daily batch volume between 250 to 4000 liters of wort per day. With the MODULO CLASSIC brewhouse it is possible to produce a batch of wort with volume 1 or 2 times bigger then volume of the brewhouse. The brewhouse LITE-ME allows the production of a daily batch of wort of 1,2, 3 or 4 times bigger then the volume of the brewhouse.
  3. The volume and number of fermentation tanks – tanks volume corresponds to the volume of daily batch of wort, the number of tanks determines the number of daily batches of wort that can simultaneously ferment.
  4. The volume and number of maturation tanks – tank volume corresponds to the volume of the daily batch, wort tanks number indicates the number of daily batches of wort, in which beer maturation may occur simultaneously.
  5. Assortment of beer types – different beer types have different fermentation and maturation time. During this time, the beer occupies the fermentation and maturation tanks. For example a bottom-fermented lager beer occupies a fermentation tank for 12 days and the maturing tank for 1-2 months. Top-fermented beer ale occupies a fermentation tank for 6 days and maturing tank for 2 weeks.
  6. Expanding the brewery on other devices – if the brewery is not equipped with bright beer tanks then produced beer takes place in maturation tanks and does not allow to produce more beer in the same tanks. Therefore, the addition of bright beer tanks is a good way to increase the capacity of the brewery.
  7. Layout space – floor area and height of the room may be significant limiting factors for the determination of production capacity of the microbrewery. It is therefore very important in the design configuration of the microbrewery to know this information.
  8. Fusing of electrical connection – microbrewery operating puts certain demands on the electrical system supply point. Therefore, it is necessary to know the fuse electrical outlet to which the microbrewery will be attached, or the needs of this capacity increase.


Microbreweries BREWORX MODULO allows the expansion of production capacity :



Examples of possible variants of Microbrewery BREWORX MODULO with the basic configurations




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