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Services for operators of breweries and cider houses


We provide a comprehensive range of additional services to customers in connection with the production in microbreweries.


I.Basic brewery (or ciderhouse) customer project consulting and analysis

A professional consultation with our specialist  should be your first step towards the realization of your project.  Processing of the economic model of the project, offer processing for optimally designed production equipment and graphic design of its spatial location in your building.


Projektování pivovarů

II.Engineering, projecting and designing of breweries and cider houses

Designing and engineering for breweries, supervision work, analysis of business plans for the future breweries, financial analysis, preparation of operating and construction documentation.


Montáže pivovarůIII.  Installation of breweries and cider houses

We provide a service assembling of brewery at our customer by construction workers. We ship all brewery components produced to its destination, where they are assembled by installation team. One of the variants of the supplies is a turnkey brewery.


Montáže pivovarůIV.Professional supervision for installation

Assembling of the brewery at the customer by foreign workers under the supervision of our chief executive work manager. It is a convenient solution for remote orders when the price of labor of the local assembly team is significantly cheaper than the price of the work of our assembly team. We provide high quality assembly of brewery under our control.


Brewery reconstructions and modernizationsV. Reconstruction and modernization of the breweries and cider houses

We analyze the current state of the brewery and prepare a proposal for the effective implementation of modern technologies and practices. The aim is to increase the productivity of beer and the introduction of modern standards of production and operations management.


Help with starting a breweryVI. Help with starting of a microbrewery or cider house

We offer assistance services for starting and also already operating microbreweries. All services are provided by Czech qualified brewer . Training services, marketing services, raw-material suplying services, consulting services for small breweries.


Koučing obsluhy pivovarůVII. Teaching the theory and practice of beer production and operation breweries

We teach and coach of brewers and operators who are starting new breweries. Hiring Czech brewmasters. Consulting services for operators breweries. We train brewers and breweries auxiliary personnel to guide our company supplied breweries .


cider-003-217x100VIII. Teaching the theory and practice of cider production

We teach and coach of cidermakers and operators who are starting new cider lines. Theory and practices of the professional cider production. We can only rent a professional cidermaker for your new starting cider production line.


Suroviny pro výrobu pivaIX. Supply of raw materials for brewing and cidermaking

We provide regular supply of raw materials for the production of Czech and foreign types of beer for brewery operators around the world – malt, hops, brewer’s yeast and concentrates. An important prerequisite for the production of good and tasty beer of the selected type are equivalent quality raw material.


service-brewhouse-modernisationX. Upgrade of brewhouses (for the both infusion and decoction brewing methods)

We offer our service the upgrade and expansion of infusion brewhouses to system for decoction method of brewing. Implementation of systems for measurement, control and automation of the beer wort production process. Advanced power management systems for energy saving, human labor and raw materials. Production and adding containers and components for the current brerwhouses: mash and wort boilers, mashing, straining, whirlpool tubs,hot water generators, wort cooling systems …