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CC1 Beverage carbonation candle

Beverage carbonation candle is the optional accessory of modular cylindrical-conical tanks. Its function is carbonation of beverage inside tank. This equipment is often used as final operation during the beer or cider production process before filling beverage into packages. It may be inserted to the basic tank and joined with the tank using the MT multiport (TriClamp).


The carbonation candle is inserted into the tank and mounted on the TriClamp universal port. Carbon dioxide under pressure is blown into the carbonating candles. The gas is diffused through a porous stone into the beverage inside the tank in the form of very small bubbles.  Bubble formation provides a porous stone, which is a small cylinder made of sintered stainless steel. Carbon dioxide passes through the pores between small sintered steel pieces into the drink. Carbonated beverages is usually the last operation beverage just prior to filling beverage into kegs, bottles, or other containers.

Most often carbonization of drinks (beer, cider) is performed in beverages which have not enough long fermentation-maturation process and thus there is not possible to sufficiently saturate the beverage with carbon dioxide, naturally arising as a waste product of the fermentation. Typical for beer types Ale, Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, almost all kinds of drinks like cider.

The carbonization candle is used with these types of tanks:


Material : AISI 304


Offer for the beverage carbonation candles :

  • CC1-DN1040TC Carbonization stone for beverage tanks

    Price: 417 €

    The CC1-DN1040TC carbonization stone with inner pipe length 800mm and porosity of 5 micrometers for beverage tanks is used to saturation of the wort, beer, wine or cider by sterilized compressed air, oxygen, carbodioxide, nitrogen or other gas before or during the fermentation or maturation processes. The stone is usually joined with the tank using a connection armature, the nozzle is connected to the gas in the pressure bottles. Usually is used from one to five stones in each tank.

Diagram with locations expansion fittings of the modular system CCTM

MTA additional armatures are optional accessories for equipping of the basic tanks. The required configuration of the modular tanks is reached by equipping the basic tank with appropriate combination of additional armatures.

General informations about CCTM modular tank system