Malt processing system

Equipment that is needed to preparation of malt grains before start production of wort. This category includes malt grain squeezing machines, malt conveyors, silos, hoppers, scales and other devices for storage, transport, and handling with malt.

Brewhouses - the wort brewing machines

Brewhouse - a wort brewing machine is the main equipment in a brewery which consists of a tank for mixing and boiling malt in water, a tank for mashing of malt solution, a tank for filtering of wort, a tank for boiling of wort with hops, whirlpool tank for separation of hops. Some types include less or more number of functional tanks.

Wort cooling and aeration

Compact systems for cooling and aeration wort before start the beer fermentation. The wort produced in the brewhouse is necessary to be cooled down on the fermentation temperature and to be aerated to ensure a quick start of the beer fermentation process.

Heating the wort and water

Systems for quick heating of the brewhouse and water. This category includes hot steam generators, modular wort and water heating systems, a water treatment devices.

Water management system

Water management system includes devices to preparation of hot and cold water needed for the brewing process. The water treatment equipment, hot water tank, iced treated water tank, cooling and heating equipment and their control system.