SLC – Split liquid coolers

Cooling of the brewery by water/glycol chiller a with the separated condenser


Liquid cooling breweriesGlycol cooling units are used in our microbreweries for duplicator cooling of insulated vessels with two-jacketed construction in the lager cellar and the main fermentation vessels. Furthermore glycol is used for cooling of the wort in the second stage in breweries with a 2-stage plate exchanger.

Benefits of Split liquid coolers with a separated condenser

A separated condenser allows its location outside the building, increasing the cooling efficiency (collected heat is released to the outside environment and the interior does not heat up) and prevents overheating of rooms in a microbrewery. Precondition for the effective circulation of the coolant is a properly counted cooling system and properly carried out by connecting all parts of the system.


Disadvantages of a central cooling of microbrewery

However, it is necessary to call the professional refrigeration company for installation of the cooling system because the system must be expertly assembled on the spot. Usually, it is necessary to drill some penetrations for pipes, mount brackets for cold pipes and suspension condensing unit. Finally, you need to pressurize the cooling system with coolant, which is not possible without special equipment. It is necessary to ensure periodical maintenance with service specialist for refrigeration technology. In the event of the failure of the cooler the complete refrigeration system is shut down for repairs resulting in the loss of operating of the brewery. Therefore, it is advisable to equipe the brewery with at least two independent cooling systems that are backed up each other.

A good and inexpensive solution of described disadvantages is the backup of cooling by alternative cooling system, consisting of independent liquid cooling units with integrated condenser. This modular solution is used in our microbreweries BREWORX MODULO.


Technical parameters and pricelist of the liquid coolers with a separate condenser :

Condensing unit assembly with a plate exchanger cooperates with a liquid coolant storage tank or independent cooling unit WCU or with independent cooling unit with heat water storage tank WCU-HWT.



We offer these split water/glycol coolers :


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