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Cooling for brewery Cooling system for breweriesAdequately sized and properly designed cooling system is to a microbrewery one of the assumptions of production of quality beer. The cooling system must be constructed so that it could produce sufficient quantity of cold and retaine the required temperatures in all beer tanks in beer cellar. Additionally, you must master the production of ice water to cool the wort. Condensing units must deliver required cooling capacity throughout the range of outdoor temperatures by local climatic conditions. when calculating the cooling system it is necessary to count with a decline of the cooling performance of the cooling units during high summer temperatures, as well as the possibility of ice formation at winter temperatures or temperature fluctuations around zero.

Therefore, the calculation of the cooling process must be done individually for each particular brewery.


We use four cooling systems with our microbreweries:


  • Cooling with the cold air  – used for space cooling of a lager cellar with one-sheet lager and service tanks, and for cooling of storage containers filled with beer, intended for distribution.
  • Cooling with ice glycol – used to duplicator cooling of insulated vessels with two-jacketed construction in the lager cellar and main fermentation vessels. Further
    glycol is used for the cooling of the wort in the second degree in breweries with a two-stage plate exchanger.
  • Cooling with ice water – used for cooling the wort in breweries with 1-stage plate heat exchanger. Some our breweries use ice water for cooling containers during primary fermentation.
  • Cooling with cold water – the first step of cooling the wort in breweries with a 2-stage plate heat exchanger. This single system requires no active devices.


Generally all of these cooling methods include the three cooling technology:

I. Cooling of tanks

Cabinet tank temperature control systemmaturation-bright-beer-tank-horizontal-04cct-001

air-cooling-systems-001Cooling of brewery tanks by air

Air cooling units we use in our microbreweries for space cooling of lager cellar with one-sheet lager and service tanks, and cooling the filled storage containers with
beer, intended for distribution.



Cooling of brewery tanks by liquidcooling-system-280x143

Glycol cooling unit is used in our microbreweries for duplicator cooling of insulated vessels with two-jacketed construction in the lager cellar and the main fermentation vessels. Furthermore glycol is used to cool the wort in the second stage in breweries with a 2-stage plate exchanger. Liquid cooling system comprises a stack of coolant.




II. Cooling of the wort


cold-wort-system-280x143Cooling of hot wort by liquid

There is also wort cooling system necessary in the brewery.  This includes a system equipment providing cooling hot wort to the desired fermentation temperature. Fermentation temperature depends on the type of beer.  We offer very usable compact wort coolers that include also wort aeration candle and four thermometers for precise wort temperature control. Cold water and glycol is usually used for the wort colling.

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