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CLM-1000 : CiderLine Modulo 1000 series

PRICELIST : The basic configurations of the cider production lines CIDERLINE MODULO 1000

Special series of modular ciderias that a customer build himself from kit of components and he can gradually expand them later step-by-step.



Price list and typical configurations of the CIDERLINE MODULO 1000 :

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.. see more CiderLine Modulo 1000 types



Production line for cider CiderLine Modulo

Cider production line CiderLine Modulo scheme


>> Description of cider house CIDERLINE MODULO


  • Is this standard offer inconvenient for you ?
  • Did you see a cheaper similar offer of our competition?
  • Need you an other configuration of cideria with different parameters?
  • Would you like to know return time of your investment in the planned cideria?


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