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Maturation tanks : horizontal, insulated, cooled by glycol

MATURATION TANKS – pressure vessels for a maturation of beer, cider or wine

Maturation horizontal tanks – insulated – double-jacked – cooled by water or glycol

Certificates PED-ASME-GUM-GOST
Maturing lager tanks horizontal isolatedlezacke-tanky-pf-004sThe main fermentation process of the young beer , which intermediate is called green beer , follows the process of the maturation of beer in the maturation tanks (also lager tanks). During this production phase, the beer matures, or saturates with the carbon dioxide, which is formed of the remaining activity of yeast. This way the beer acquires savour.

Maturation is the longest stage of the beer production process. The length of the beer maturation depends on the chosen recipe, temperature and the set pressure in the maturation tank. Maturation of bottom fermented beers with EPM 10 % takes two to three weeks, light lager with EPM 12% at least 30 days, beer with special EPM above 12 % tekes 60 days up to several months.

The length of the maturation of beer, the batch size and frequency of its production is important for the decisions on the required number of maturation tanks in the brewery.

Maturation tanks are designed for max. overpressure 3.0 bar and they are pressure vessels according to PED (Directive 2014/68/EU). We produce also combi tanks – the microbrewery operator can bottle and serve beer from any pressurized lager tank without pumping beer into dedicated serving tanks.


Characteristics of maturation tanks in this version :

Maturation tanks with double-jacket 

– more elaborate insulated tanks, cooled by glycol or ice water circulating in the double jacket duplicators. The modern way of cooling a lager cellar, which is standard in modern breweries. Besides the apparent disadvantage of the higher initial cost, these tanks have only advantages: low cost of cooling operation (cooling only beer, not space), low demand at the place of installation (no need to insulate storage cellar, tanks can be in any room), comfortable operation (in the room with tanks is not need to regulate the teperature ). possibility to control maturation in each tank separately. The only suitable solution for automated management system of the brewery.



Maturation tanks horizontal

The advantage is saving place. In the same area we can place a greater number of tanks, if they are arranged in the battery, i.e. in several rows one above another. The disadvantage is the difficult cleaning and sanitation of the tanks stored too low or too high. Battery tanks are difficult to clean from outside – on inaccessible surfaces of tanks organic contaminants may accumulate and contaminate the produced beer.


We produce horizontal non-insulated maturation / bright beer tanks in several standard product lines :




Our wide range of produced bright beer tanks allows you to select the optimum tank dimensions as layout space.

Properties wider tanks with small lenght of cylindrical part:

  • A gradual temperature curve during the transition from primary fermentation the beer maturation (smaller heat transfer area, lower cooling effect)
  • They are less demanding in terms of height space.

Properties slender tanks with large height of cylindrical part:

  • steep temperature curve during the transition from primary fermentation the beer maturation (larger heat transfer area, the greater the cooling effect)
  • They are more demanding in terms of height space

We also produce bright beer tanks other than the standard sizes . We can customize almost any tanks spatial dispositions and needs.






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