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ICWT – Ice cooling water tank – glycol tank

ICWT – Ice cooling water tank – Glycol tank – Liquid coolant storage tank

… the insulated container with pumps and heat exchangers for preparation and storage of the ice water or glycol for cooling of tanks and wort


icwt-3d-001Ice cooling water tank tank is a non-pressurized container which is used for thermal storage of glycol or ice water and their distribution to duplicators in glycol/ice-water cooled vessels in the brewery. Glycol/ice-water is further used to cool the wort when brewing with two-plate exchanger.

The container is connected to two pumps of an output of 54 L / minute for the primary and secondary circuit.

The primary circuit is connected to a condensing unit with plate exchangers for cooling the cooling medium and the secondary circuit is connected to each refrigerated container. Several condensing units can be connected. The container is stored on 6 adjustable legs and closed with a lid made of stainless material. The recommended maximum distance of the condensing units from an ice glycol vessel is up to 25 m.



We offer these types of glycol storage tanks :


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